Bay Horse

York Road, Green Hammerton, York, North Yorkshire, YO26 8BN

Pub overview

A great village pub in a prime location situated in the village of Green Hammerton between York and Harrogate with letting rooms, a good size commercial kitchen and a great cosy bar. Maximising letting room occupation and the potential food sales will lead to a great business.

The pub has a fantastic location, facilities and great scope to increase sales via the letting rooms and food.

The Bay Horse is located in the heart of the village and is a fantastic pub which has great potential to expand its current offer of food, letting rooms and cask ale. It has a warm intimate feel with separate areas for drinking and dining with the letting rooms being located in a separate court yard style area. A new tenant could grow the sales by focusing on the food offer and driving the letting rooms occupancy.

This pub has great potential with separate areas for drinking and dining. It has a great traditional feel and a warm environment with exposed beams and brickwork, everything you would want from a village pub. There is a great space for external drinking and dining and the letting rooms are approached via a small courtyard area.

Trade space
Bars 1
Car park spaces 15
Dining rooms 1
Food covers 30
Gardens 1
Trade kitchens 1
Rooms to let 10

The private accommodation is in good condition and comprises 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Private space
Private Rooms 6
Lounge 1
Double bedrooms 2
Private Kitchen 1
Bathrooms 1
Toilets 1

Rent information

Annual rent £38,800.00 per annum
Weekly rent £746.15 per week fixed

£38,800 per annum, £746.15 per week fixed and subject to annual RPI increase, which is capped. Paid weekly by direct debit subject to credit check. *Machine income free of tie.*

Entry costs approx £48,925 which includes fixtures and fittings, stock, glassware, crockery, cutlery, fuel and cleaning materials, legal, brokers and stocktaking fees, training fees, Schedule of Conditions, working capital and deposit (25% of head rent, minimum £6,000). Minimum £7,500 payment towards F&F required, which is 25% of estimated value of F&F and the remaining amount may be available on an Assisted Purchase scheme.

Brokers £800.00 Legal £825.00
Deposit £10,000.00 Stocktaking fees £150.00
Fixtures & fittings £30,000.00 Working capital £6,000.00
Other costs £1,150.00 Total entry cost £48,925.00

Agreement description

Standard Tenancy Agreement
A fixed 5 year term agreement which is contracted out of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
•Tie variations available
•Rent set at the start of the agreement, subject to the annual Retail Prices Index (RPI) which is capped
•Flexible pricing options available
•50/50 profit split of machines income
•Greene King is responsible for the structure of the building
•Ability to end agreement with 6 months notice at any time with standard notice fee equal to 3 months rent

You will need to estimate the turnover you expect to achieve from the pub, with regard to food and accommodation (if applicable). Barrelage figures are given to assist you with calculations.

Calculators to help you are available on the business planning section of our website.

Trading volumes

Year Beer (Brls) Wine & spirits (Ltrs) Minerals (Ltrs)
2015/16 81 69 2,943
2014/15 93 139 3,427
2013/14 97 45 3,193
Volume notes


The Bay Horse is located in the village of Green Hammerton just of the A59 and approximately 2 miles from the A1. It is approximately 8 miles from York and 10 miles from Harrogate.


Trade bar
Car park
Dining area
Pub garden
Trade kitchen
Letting rooms

Current premises licence opening hours

Monday to Saturday 11:00 - 00:30 Sunday 11:00 - 00:00

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Business Development Manager

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“ The Bay Horse is a great village pub with restaurant and letting rooms, situated in the Village of Green Hammerton located between Harrogate and York, just off the A59, which is approximately two miles from the A1. It's great location makes it the perfect stopping off point to dine or sleep when visiting York/Harrogate or just driving down the A1. It has 10 letting rooms and a good size catering kitchen. ”