The First 100 Days of Running Your Pub – What To Expect

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Written by: Pub Partners Team
Date added: Mon, 19/02/2018 - 10:00

Taking on a pub is a big step no matter whether you are new to the pub business or are expanding onto new sites.  The first few months of business will be exciting and challenging by equal measures, as you learn the ropes and start putting your business plan into action.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Greene King are aware that this is a critical time for pub operators and have set up a programme which helps you at every stage of the journey. This means that you’re not alone, that support is on hand, and that everyone is focused on getting your business off to a great start.

Our Business Development Managers will support you even before you sign an agreement and get the keys to a pub, providing all the help and assistance you need and guiding you through the process. Once you’ve signed an agreement, they’re there to offer business support and mentoring, explain operational processes and where to find what you need, as well as offering support and reassurance in those early days. This is a journey you do not have to experience on your own.

What To Expect When You Run A Pub With Greene King

Take a look at our website (First 100 Days) which outlines exactly what you can expect to encounter in the run up to change day, during the first week, the first month, second month and third month.  This programme breaks down all the key activities involved in running a pub into manageable chunks so that you never feel overwhelmed, or in danger of forgetting something important such as talking to your accountant, organising marketing or meeting your Business Development Manager.

Your BDM will also provide you with an overall introduction to the First 100 Days Programme and welcome you to the Greene King Pub Partners team.

Here’s an overview of what to expect.

Change Day

One of the first visitors to your new pub will be your BDM.  Having welcomed you to your new business, the BDM will make sure that everything is running smoothly and that you have all the information you need such as the Safe Start Pack, a fixtures and fittings inventory as well as reviewing the cellar with you.  The BDM will take you through the basic operating procedures so that your first trading session runs as smoothly as clockwork.

First Week

Expect a gentle introduction into the wider aspects of running a pub beyond day-to-day activities.  Your BDM will be in touch regularly to make sure that everything is going well. There will also be help in online ordering and marketing, as well as a general overall chat to review progress by the end of the week.

First Month

By the end of the first month, you will have completed a stock take, marketing study, accounts, licensing review and had a mystery visit to provide feedback on levels of service and standards. And of course – there will be regular calls and visits from your BDM who will help prepare a business development review. The BDM will also deal with any questions or issues that you might have. 

Second Month

Further reviews of business plans, product and volume reviews, line cleaning efficiency and also a check on your marketing, accounts and stocktaking. There will have been more mystery visit data enabling you to see just how your pub is performing when it comes to dealing with customers, and your BDM will be calling regularly to make sure that there are no problems.

Third Month

By now, you will have settled into the business, and many of the business tasks will have become automatic.  You will instinctively carry out checks in the cellar, accounts, marketing and general business using the support tools that have been provided by Greene King.  As the third month progresses, it will be time to review business plans with your BDM and carry out a product and volume review.  It is also time for a meeting with your accountant to review trading figures for the first three months. This is a very important step in your business development as it offers an opportunity to discuss both management accounts and stock takes, and will highlight any problems ensuring action can be taken immediately.

Your business should now be on track to achieve long-term success, as you will be familiar with the general operation of the pub, the trading practices and systems.  You will be accustomed to undertaking the regular checks on different aspects of the pub business such as marketing and accounts thus ensuring no potential problems are overlooked. 

By the time you have been trading for 100 days, you should be feeling very confident about your business. Your future business plans will be clear and you will be familiar with all aspects of running a pub.  But your support network does not end at this point. 

The Future – Don’t Stand Still!

No business is ever static. Every business needs to continually review its performance and be ready for changes in order to maintain profitability.  The pub industry has seen a lot of changes in recent years and pub operators need to be highly flexible and adaptable to succeed. While a five year business plan may not need major rewriting, you may find that new opportunities or new threats impact your pub and therefore you may need to rethink your ideas.

Greene King is well aware of this, which is why there is a really good support network for its pub operators. 

There are regular training programmes available for you and your staff. This ensures that everyone is kept up to date with legislative alterations, management skills, customer care and the latest trading practices. Any special training needs that you identify can be discussed with Greene King and help provided. In addition, all the management support tools you have been using as part of the 100 days programme can still be used to undertake regular reviews, complete stock takes, cellar checks and keep an eye on your finances.

And of course, your Business Development Manager is always available ready to provide assistance. The 100 day introductory programme enables you to get to know your Business Development Manager creating a close business relationship upon which you can rely. Throughout your ensuing partnership with Greene King, the Business Development Managers will be there to help and advise: making sure that your pub develops successfully.  

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