Is Your New Year Resolution To Run A Pub? Here’s How To Do It

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Written by: Pub Partners Team
Date added: Wed, 28/12/2016 - 10:00

New Year, New Life, New Project – Is this you? As one year ends and another dawns it is a perfect time to think about the future and what it holds.  Many of us make New Year Resolutions at this time of year, but all too often those resolutions do not last long as our lives get caught up in the daily bustle.

So if your New Year Resolution is to find a pub to run, here’s how to get started.

Make This The Year You Find A Pub To Run

Having decided on your resolution, it’s time to take action.  There is much that can be done to make that dream a reality.  Rather than sitting back in front of the television for a couple of hours over the holiday, do some basic work to see what is needed to run a pub.

Do You Have What’s Needed?

A personal review is a great way to start the New Year. Take a long hard look at your skills, your experience and your talents. Do you have the skills that are necessary?  Ask yourself why you would make a good publican? It is not just a matter of liking the pub environment, running a pub is very different to being a customer.

As the pub operator your concerns include the quality of the beer, making sure that your customers have an enjoyable experience as well as matters like administration, staff management, building maintenance, marketing, an attracting new customers.  A plan that looked great after a few drinks over Christmas may look very different in the cold light of day.

Have you got what it takes?

If you think so take the next step and contact us to find out what we have available.

Opportunity For Anyone

Taking on a pub is a great move, and can be undertaken at any point in your life such as a young entrepreneur, newly married couple, parents with children, empty nesters, and people seeking a second career, or looking to run their own business.

Whatever the reason, it is almost certain that other people will be affected by your decision.  You need to talk to your partner, your family and potential backers.  Their lives will be impacted by the decisions being made. Children may have to move to schools, partners may have to change jobs or have different commuting issues.  You are investing time and money in a business, and this would involve their time and money as well.

Training And Research

What training do you need to accomplish your aim?  Courses to ensure you get a pub licence are held all year round and are essential to ensure you can start trading.  Starting these courses now shows your potential funders and pub operator that you are serious about your new career direction.

Take a look at a few pubs that are on the market and ask yourself how you could improve them.  It is not just a matter of cosmetic changes like altering the décor, but improvements like customer service, catering facilities.  Draw up some sample business plans.

Download our business plan template here to get started today!

Having You Got The Funds To Put Your Plans Into Action?

Look at funding options for your new business. Where is the money coming from to pay for your tenancy, the essential training courses?  Do you have sufficient funds in your bank account?  Remember that you will need money on which to live and pay for day-to-day expenses while the new business is being set up.

Talk to the Business Development Managers of the pub companies with which you are interested in operating.  Have a chat with them, and talk about your plans, your experience, and your skills.  Prepare for the meeting by creating a detailed study of yourself and what you can bring to the business.  Being prepared demonstrates just how keen you are.

Read this post to find out more about the capital you will need to run a pub.

Running a pub is a perfect for entrepreneurs.  You need that something extra, which makes you willing to go the extra mile on occasion in order to keep customers happy, and sales up.

Fulfilling a New Year Resolution could be closer than you think!   Just think, within months you really could be running the pub of your dreams.  With just a little bit of work, this could be the year when your New Year Resolution comes true – and from then on, your talents and skills can blossom into the creation of a really, successful pub business which will make you money for many years to come.

If you want to make this the year you find a pub to run, speak to us today to find out about opportunities and what you need to do next.