Our USP: What Makes Running A Pub With Greene King Different

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Written by: Pub Partners Team
Date added: Mon, 06/02/2017 - 10:00

Why choose Greene King over any of the other pub operators? For many people looking for a pub tenancy the choice of operator is often down to the one that has the right pub for you at the right time.

However, not all brewery and pub operators are the same! Given the choice many landlords have their own preferences and would prefer to work with a specific operator.

In this post I’m going to explore what makes Greene King different from other operators and why you should come and meet our team to find out for yourself!

One of the first differences between us and some other pub operators is that we are a brewery, not a PubCo. Having been brewing beer and running pubs since 1799 from our base in Bury St Edmunds, Greene King is an experienced operator that really knows the business.  Over the years, Greene King has moved with the times yet remained true to its roots.  It also has the best and most beautiful pubs in the UK (at least we think so), ranging from busy town centre pubs to friendly locals in country villages.

Greene King Business Development Managers

Crucial to the Greene King business are our network of Recruitment Managers and Business Development Managers.  They ensure that the right person is matched to each pub, and then help landlords make a success of the business. Every landlord is assigned to a Business Development Manager.

Uniquely, some of the Business Development Managers and Recruitment Managers have actually run pubs themselves. Their expertise is practical, rather than theoretical. They know just what it is like to be responsible for a pub and how to make it a success.

Recruitment Manager Richard Cobb is typical. He was a Greene King Tenant in Hertfordshire and spent 23 years working as a Business Development Manager before being appointed National Recruitment Manager.  As he points out, “This is a people business and great people make great business. I still get the same buzz when I meet the ‘right people for the right pub’.”

Our Business Development Managers provide our pub landlords with as much help as is needed.  They are involved right from the start working with applicants on their business plan, their objectives and dreams for the pub, and help landlords put their plans into action. Of course they are there to advise on stock, drinks and food offers but they will also help with refurbishment plans, marketing initiatives, promotional ideas and even deal with emergencies. 

Online Business Support 24/7

Online support is available 24/7. Greene King was the first pub company to develop a web based business support system to help landlords manage and promote their businesses.  PubPartners.net has become an unrivalled one-stop-shop allowing landlords to do everything from booking training courses to placing beer orders for our award-winning beers and guest beers.

Being part of the Greene King network also means you can take advantage of significant discounts on bulk buying products like card processing, utilities and food. Greene King Pub landlords have no difficulty when it comes to calculating margins on food as all the hard work has been done for them.  Margins on menus are pre-calculated and all dishes are fully specified.

Greene King Marketing Tools

Another key advantage in the Greene King pub package is the provision of marketing and promotional assistance.  Landlords can take advantage of the GoCreate! Service with thousands of artwork designs ready for every occasion be it quiz nights, Halloween or Mothers Day. 

What makes it an even better deal is that if a pub landlord comes up with an idea that isn’t in their collection, they will make up new artwork designs free of charge. Landlords just pay for printing and delivery, making the service far cheaper than if you had to buy direct from a printer. 

Your Dream Pub

Then there is the freedom pub landlords have to do their own thing.  Fancy having your own micro brewery? Or a gin distillery? Distil whisky? Run a gourmet restaurant?

With Greene King this is a distinct possibility. All you have to do is discuss your plans with your Business Development Manager.  If the site is right and the figures add up, then this is a strong possibility. 

As the experience of James Morgan at The Antelope, Surbiton shows, within a few months a new pub landlord could well find themselves involved in two business ventures.  With the backing of Greene King, James Morgan was able to open his pub and six months later, have a craft beer brewery up and running on site generating an extra £500 a night when a new brew was available on tap.  

Ready to run a pub? Request a call back here.

Similarly, Tom Kerridge at The Hand & Flowers was able to fulfil his dream to open a restaurant, which has now expanded to include a second pub.  It has also helped him establish himself as an award winning Michelin star chef.

Our philosophy is to put the right landlord in the right pub and then provide on-going support to help them make their pub a success. Your success is our success so we want our pub landlords to be the best in the business.

This goes beyond ‘how to do this’ support. Instead Greene King listens to its pub landlords, and works with them in every possible way. By providing the background help, advice and services, it enables pub landlords to concentrate on development plans that will make their business a success.

It is this unique selling point that makes Greene King pubs so successful. 

We host regular open days at our Brewery Café in Bury St Edmunds. This is a great opportunity to meet the team and talk about your ideas for running a pub. Why not come to our next one? Click here for more details.