Planning Your Pub Business Food Offer

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Written by: Pub Partners Team
Date added: Mon, 22/10/2018 - 10:00

One of the most important things you need to do when you take on a pub tenancy is to plan your pub’s food offer. Few pubs these days don’t have a food menu of some description, even those that are predominately wet led.

Food is not only a way of attracting customers into your pub, it can also be a significant revenue generator. And you don’t have to offer a la carte dining! A simple lunch menu with sandwiches and a few pub classics could be enough to ensure that customers come to your pub, rather than a high street competitor down the road.

If you’re currently writing a business plan, or exploring how you can do more from your pub kitchen, the articles below will help:

7 Blog Posts For Planning Your Pub’s Food Offer

  1. The basics. To get started read our post that explores the basics. From researching your market and exploring food packages, to health and safety, food standards and finally delivering a fantastic customer service! Click here to read What Food Offering Do You Need To Make A Pub A Success?
  2. Healthier menus. Meeting customer demand is a very important element of getting your food offer right. By understanding your market and customer demographic, you can ensure your menu reflects their tastes and preferences. One thing many people want when they eat out, is healthy options. If you want to cater for people with dietary requirements or who simply want to eat healthily, read this post - Meeting Customer Demand - Making Your Pub Menu Healthier
  3. Local produce. Putting local produce on your food menus has lots of benefits. Many customers actively look for pubs that use meat, vegetables or other produce from local suppliers, and by buying from them you (and your customers) are supporting the local economy. Find out more about selling local produce in this blog post - The Benefit Of Supporting Local Produce At Your Pub
  4. Street food and takeaways. We’ve seen a lot of pubs diversifying into street food and offering a takeaway service in recent years. It’s putting pubs on the map as destinations because of their food offer, and also creating new revenue streams by catering for customers visiting the pub and at home. If you think that a street food kitchen in your pub garden is a good idea, or selling pub classics like fish and chips to takeaway is a good idea, read this post - Pub Food Trends - Street Food and Takeaways
  5. Opening a restaurant. If you are coming from a background in food, rather than the pub trade, you may have been inspired by chefs like Tom Kerridge who are using the pub tenancy and lease model to run their own restaurants. Click here to read How To Open A Restaurant In A Pub
  6. More for chefs. In this video blog post our Pub Partners team offer some advice for chefs taking on a pub tenancy. Key considerations include ‘who will be front of house when you’re working in the kitchen?” Click on the link to watch the video and then get in touch if you have any questions or want to discuss your plans in more detail - Calling All Chefs! Fancy Having Your Own Business?
  7. Not forgetting MasterChefs! This blog post from earlier this year highlighted how aspiring chefs can build a reputation for great food by taking on a pub tenancy. Several MasterChef finalists, as well as other contestants, are doing this very successfully using a pub and the support offered by PubCos like Greene King to swap careers and do something they feel passionate about. You don’t have to enter MasterChef to get the breaks! Taking on a pub could be the answer instead - Next Steps For MasterChef Professionals Finalists!

We hope you found this round up of food related content useful. If you have any questions or want to discuss your ideas with our team, please get in touch.