Find Out All You Need To Start Your Pub Business – Showcase Day

Written by: Pub Partners Team
Date added: Thu, 09/03/2017 - 10:00

When you are thinking about running a pub, or finding a pub, your mind is simply full of questions and ideas. I know from the people I have met, working out where to start is enough to let the dream of running your own pub business slip away. That is why our Showcase Days are so valuable.

If you have been thinking about running your own pub – or maybe you have even done all your research and want to talk about next steps – then booking a space at A Greene King Showcase Day is the best thing you can do.

What is a Showcase Day?

From time to time we get the opportunity to run a Showcase Event. They don’t happen that often because it is rare that all the elements come together, but whenever they do we meet fabulous people who go on to run thriving pubs.

All our Showcase Days provide an opportunity to meet the Pub Partners team from Greene King and the local Business Development Managers. It’s the perfect, relaxed environment to get all your questions answered and hear what it takes to open your own pub business, or expand to take on more pubs. Great pubs really are thriving and it is a lot easier than you might think to fund a pub tenancy or pub to let with Greene King.

There are limited spaces! So book your space here for our next Showcase Day.

What Do Other People Say About Showcase Days

Our Showcase Days are the next step towards getting the keys to your pub and a great opportunity to find our more about running a pub business.

Bob and Patricia attended a Showcase Event and went on to start their own pub business with Greene King.

“It’s true what they say. Bob and I had been talking about a pub business for years. It was like we knew we could do it but didn’t know how. All the information on the internet was helpful but it didn’t give us the clarity or confidence to seriously plan our business. Being at the Showcase changed everything. It made us realise it wasn’t a crazy idea and that people just like us were running successful pubs. Within six months our pub was open and we’ve not looked back.”

Here Business Development Manager, Yvonne Fraser, explains why people like Patricia and Bob get so much out of attending our Showcase Day events:

“First and foremost you’ll get to meet the Greene King team. This will include the Business Development Manager (BDM) for your area and the Recruitment team.

They have a wealth of knowledge and experience of running successful pubs. Some of our team have run their own pubs in the past and were once in your shoes, they understand where you’re coming from! Our BDMs are working with successful pub landlords everyday and want to share this experience with you so that you have all the information needed to make your pub business a success.”

What You Will Learn At A Showcase Day

These days are your opportunity to ask as many questions as you like about running a pub; how to get started; what pubs are available; what steps you need to take; and discuss your ideas with a member of our team in person.

The feedback we get from pub business owners who have come to a Showcase Day is great. Sometimes they have very clear ideas from the start of what they want to achieve. Other times we meet people who are just starting to explore whether running a pub is for them. It really is a great event to attend, whether you are on your pub journey.

Our team are a straight-talking bunch. We won’t try to oversell a pub or encourage you to apply until you are 100% ready. Instead our Showcase Days are a fact-finding opportunity for you and for us. Learn more about running a pub, find out about the agreements and support Greene King offer our landlords, decide whether you like what you hear.

Whatever stage of the journey you’re on; a Showcase Day is a great opportunity to talk to the team and let your ideas and dreams start to take shape.

The Showcase Day is just one way of meeting the Pub Partners team and taking your pub business to the next stage. We also run regular Recruitment Open Days or you could speak with us on the phone and meet your local Business Development Manager. The best thing to do right now is get your name registered, let us know what stage you are in your plans and receive our essential Pub Business email series. We can then start the perfect conversation to help you towards your own pub business.