What Support Can You Expect From A Pub Operator?

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Written by: Pub Partners Team
Date added: Mon, 13/03/2017 - 10:00

Running a pub is hard but rewarding work, especially when you have just taken over the site.  It is in those first few weeks that mistakes can easily be made – which is why Greene King great support and care to their landlords.

This is where a helpful pub company committed to providing the assistance needed by pub landlords can make a tremendous difference. Greene King is well known for the high level of support and training it provides.  In fact, Greene King won the Best Licensee Development and Training programme at the 2016 National Innovation in Training Awards.

Getting the best training possible from the very beginning is essential.  What makes Greene King extra special is the fact that we start that training and support before you even take over a pub!

Greene King support packages include:

  • First 100 Days
  • Comprehensive initial and on going training
  • An innovative web based 24/7 support system
  • Business Development managers

Very few people come into the pub business knowing everything there is to know about operating a pub. It is such a varied business requiring an ability to undertake the most practical tasks around the pub, as well as dealing with all the aspects of running a business and organising staff.  Even if you’ve been in the trade before you may find that changes in customer demand has created a very different and dynamic industry.

Greene King Business Development Managers will discuss with you exactly what training you need before you take over your pub – and ensure you get that training.  It might be help in creating business plans, devising business strategy or simply learning how to manage employees.  There is also practical training that you need such as operating a cellar, working behind a bar, food safety, help with ordering or accounting. Obtaining training of this kind is extremely important as it provides the basis on which you can develop your business.

First 100 Days Support

The Greene King support programme for new landlords is outlined in the First 100 days Support process. This provides in depth support and assistance from the Operations Director and your Business Development Manager.  The aim is to make sure that you start your business well prepared in every possible way to take over and run your pub as a going concern from the moment you enter the pub as the new landlord.  Instead of worrying about whether you can successfully operate a pub as the big day dawns, you have the confidence and skills to do so.  You can concentrate on the important features of providing value, service and quality. 

The Guide to Moving In even contains reminders of the most basic of tasks (which can be easily forgotten in the excitement of moving in) such as setting up a business banking account and PDQ machine, confirming the names of your stocktaker, accountant and broker. You will even have your first year’s marketing plan fully laid out, food and drink ordered and all your opening night plans – after all, you want to make sure that your first day in business is a memorable one.  With everything laid out so clearly, Greene King ensures that the takeover process goes smoothly and efficiently.

Business Development Managers

The first week in a new business is always stressful.  No matter how well you have prepared, there are always unexpected hitches and questions that need answering. No problem – your Business Development Manager is at hand.  Not only is help available at any point by phone, your BDM will contact you within a few days to review initial progress.

This detailed support continues as you steadily establish yourself in your new pub. Within four weeks of taking over, your BDM will have visited at least twice to discuss, analyse and provide advice. There will be three monthly business reviews to look at how the business is developing. You can set the agenda for those reviews so that it focuses on exactly what you need to develop your business. Mystery shoppers will provide impartial reviews of your pub and offer suggestions for improvement.  There will be regular reviews of licencing, marketing and business plans to make sure that you are fully on course.  Culminating the First 100 day support plan is a key financial review involving management accounts and stock taking. 

All the support tools that are provided during the First 100 day support programme remain available to you throughout your pub tenancy or leasehold, enabling you to continue to grow and develop the business confidently.


Greene King support doesn’t stop there.  The BDM is always at hand – all you have do is make a quick phone call to obtain instant help and advice. On-line support is available 24/7.  Greene King was the first pub company to create an Internet support system to help its landlords. PubPartners.net is an unrivalled one-stop-shop for landlords to book training courses, devise publicity and place beer orders.

Ongoing training

The Greene King training package is very comprehensive.  There are courses available to train staff and undertake all the various functions within a pub.  All you have to do is ask!  There is always something new to learn, or ways to develop the business such as customer service improvements, marketing techniques or discovering new products. Training is lifelong with Greene King. 

No business can operate in a vacuum.  Success depends on noticing trends, fulfilling customer expectations, keeping watch on accounts and management practices.  Knowing that there is this constant access to training and support systems from Greene King makes a landlord’s task much easier.  Business success is within your grasp.