What Training Do You Need To Run A Pub?

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Written by: Pub Partners Team
Date added: Mon, 28/11/2016 - 10:00

As with any occupation, running a pub requires training and specialist skills. Fortunately, you can undertake much of this training while you are hunting for your perfect pub. 

Obviously you need all the basic practical skills such as knowing how to pour a beer, change casks, and make up specialist drinks. Then there are the management skills – organising your team, dealing with accounts, marketing and sales.  Even if you don’t have these skills immediately, they can be acquired. 

Greene King has numerous training courses that can provide all the help and knowledge you need to run your pub effectively and successfully.  Whatever your requirements, there are courses that can be provided to give you the confidence, the skills and information. 

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What Training Do You Need To Run A Pub?

Pre-Entry Awareness Training

There are mandatory courses that must be completed before you can take on a pub of any kind. The British Institute of Inn Keeping Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT) is the key qualification that must be obtained by all landlords. 

This is absolutely crucial to your future career.  It is a statutory Government requirement for every prospective tenant before an agreement can be signed.  This course ensures you are fully aware of all the implications of every element of leased and tenanted pub agreements, as well as providing a basic background on business planning, running a pub, support and assistance.  Quite simply, it ensures that every potential landlord is fully aware of exactly what is involved in their new career and what they will be taking on. 

Taking part in PEAT training does not commit you to anything, but it does mean you’re one step closer to running a pub. Most importantly it means that should the perfect pub opportunity become available, you are in a good position to follow it up as you have this training under your belt.

Personal Licence Training

Similarly, every landlord must obtain a personal licence to operate a pub.  It doesn’t matter whether you have found a pub you like or are still looking – it’s a good idea to acquire this licence as early as possible. Acquiring such a licence does take time as police checks are required and an exam must be undertaken to prove you have the necessary specialist knowledge of the licensing laws to run a pub. 

By obtaining a licence and PEAT training as early as possible during your search for a pub, you can speed up the process considerably. To ensure that you are fully prepared to apply for that licence, Greene King has a level 2 award designed to give you an understanding of Licensing law issues and make sure you can pass the APLH exam to gain that licence. 

These training courses are operated regularly throughout the year, with the next Level 2 award for a personal licence being held on 6th December 2016 in Bury St Edmunds.

Since these requirements are compulsory, it is far better to have completed all these elements as early as possible, rather than risk having to slow down the completion process when you find the pub of your dreams. 

Bear in mind that other people may also be interested in that particular pub and if you have already obtained all the necessary permissions and completed the required courses, then your chances of success will be far greater than someone who has not done so. No one can walk into pub and start running it from day one.  You do need to have all the basic training in place beforehand, and show you are fully compliant with the law by possessing the required licence.

Other Training Opportunities

Greene King wants you to have the best start and support you with all the training needed to help make a success of your venture. There are numerous short courses and workshops available from Greene King that can help you crystallise your ideas and plans when it comes to running a pub and your overall business strategy; such as cellar training, retail excellence and finance. 

Perhaps you are planning to prepare food on site – qualifications in food safety are essential. Taking such courses can make a tremendous difference to your business. It can make you better prepared, and a better business operator.  If the course you need is not immediately available, talk to your business development manager and help will be given to find the course that’s right for you.

Lifelong Training For You And Your Team

The training process doesn’t end there. Greene King believes that continuous training is extremely important.  The Greene King team is available to help you and your staff learn new skills and develop as far as you can.

Training and learning is a lifelong procedure. No matter how long anyone works in a pub, there is always something new to learn, to freshen up knowledge and gain new insights into the business of inn keeping.

Everyone on your team needs to be kept updated on licensing, techniques, products and business operation.  You can always find new improved ways of operating or gain new ideas that will benefit your business as a result of taking training courses.

Things like improving standards of customer service up to levels 2 and 3 will ensure that your pub operates more effectively and more professionally. Your customers will have a much better experience and will be encouraged to come back time and time again. 

More specialist courses are also available with Greene King, such as marketing through social media and personal development programmes that will take your business to a whole new level. This is the way businesses grow and develop, becoming ever more successful as the years progress. 

It’s an exciting time to be a pub landlord with so much support and advice available. Whatever type of pub you decide to run, you can find training and expert support to help you make it a success.

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