Why contactless payments are great for your business

Written by: Pub Partners Team
Date added: Tue, 23/07/2019 - 14:05

What if you could increase your takings, save yourself time and increase customer happiness levels all in one go? Contactless payments from Worldpay could be the change your business needs to achieve all of that.

In a trend that’s set to continue cash is no longer King when it comes to the high street and that includes pubs and restaurants. Card payments officially overtook cash payments in the UK in 2017, and almost two thirds of people in the UK now regularly use contactless payment cards. UK Finance (the trade body for banking and financial services) predicts that cash use will continue to fall over the coming years, accounting for just 16% of all transactions by 2027.

There’s now a presumption amongst the large majority of customers that they will be able to pay by card, so it’s important that you offer this at your pub.

Carol Williams at the Queen’s Head in Wokingham is hugely proud of the pub’s reputation as the friendliest in the town and several wins as regional CAMRA Pub of the Year. While it may look and feel like a quintessentially old-fashioned drinkers pub, Carol was quick to recognise the importance of moving with the times in terms of customer expectations, including adopting mobile card payments.

In 2013, with full assistance from Greene King’s preferred partner Worldpay who provided the mobile terminals and a 24/7 support helpline, the Queen’s Head started accepting card payments for the first time. Since then it has also started to accept contactless card payments and smartphone-enabled payments like ApplePay and GooglePay.

The impact has been “tremendous” says Carol. “Where card payments used to be only about 10% of our takings a couple of years ago, today they have gone through the roof. I’m taking far more money in card transactions through Worldpay than I am in cash.”

In addition to the increased volume in sales, the experienced landlady is also highly enthusiastic about the admin and security benefits of switching on card payments. ““It’s so much easier and quicker than handling cash, especially in cashing up after last orders. The machine also saves us from keeping a lot of cash on the premises, which for a small business is always a good thing,” she says. “We’re delighted with the way things are working out.”

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