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Brewers Arms

115 Marygate, Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland, TD15 1BH


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Pub overview

Well established busy successful pub in Berwick-Upon-Tweed ready for a full refurbishment.

The Brewers is known as the busiest pub in Berwick. It has been successfully run for some years and is now ready for a full refurb and a new tenant. The refurbishment will be to all main areas and will be completely transformational, to appeal to even more of the locals and tourists who visit the town.

The Brewers has one large bar which runs the length of the building out to a walled beer garden to the rear. The toilets, kitchens and tenants accommodation are accessed from the first floor.

Trade space
Bars 1
Dining rooms 1
Food covers 70
Gardens 1
Trade kitchens 1

There is a flat set over 2 floors with a kitchen, living room, bathroom on the first floor level, and two bedrooms on the 2nd Floor.

Private space
Private Rooms 7
Lounge 1
Double bedrooms 2
Private Kitchen 1
Bathrooms 1
Toilets 1
Office 1

Rent information

Annual rent £39,000 per annum plus 9% Turnover Royalty

£39,000 per annum, £750 per week fixed and subject to annual RPI increase, which is capped. 5 year open market rent review. Payment terms are fortnightly by direct debit.

Approx £40,650 with the Fixtures and Fittings costs reflecting 25% of the cost of Fixtures and Fittings, which would be required upfront. The rest of the sum can be paid via our assisted purchase agreement.

Brokers £675 Legal £825
Deposit £6,000 Stocktaking fees £150
Fixtures & fittings £15,000 Working capital £10,000
Other costs £8,000 Total entry cost £40,650

Agreement description

Our Turnover Agreement reflects how your business performs. You pay a fixed rent plus a percentage of your weekly net turnover sales.
• A 5 year, fixed term agreement, contracted out of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.
• Basic rent plus a Turnover Royalty percentage.
• Basic rent subject to capped annual changes in the Retail Price Index (RPI) only with no rent reviews.
• Flexible tie variations available.
• Discounted price list unique to the Turnover Agreement.
• Greene King is responsible for the structure of the building.
• Ability to end agreement with 6 months’ notice and payment of a Standard Notice Fee (3 months’ basic rent). Notice can be served
at any time.

You will need to estimate the turnover you expect to achieve from the pub, with regard to food and accommodation (if applicable). Barrelage figures are given to assist you with calculations.

Calculators to help you are available on the business planning section of our website.

Trading volumes

Year Beer (Brls) Wine & spirits (Ltrs) Minerals (Ltrs)
2016/17 290 690 9,692
2015/16 279 441 9,100
2014/15 279 170 8,097
Volume notes


Berwick is just 3 miles from the Scottish border and is a bustling town which due to its location benefits from tourism. Both day trippers and those staying in the many local camping and caravan sites all make this a particularly busy town in summer. The Brewers has a superb location on the main street inside the towns famous Elizabethan walls.


Trade bar
Dining area
Pub garden
Trade kitchen

Current premises licence opening hours

Sunday to Thursday 09:00hrs- 00:30:00hrs Friday to Saturday 09:00hrs- 01:30:00hrs

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Elaine Kennedy

Operations Manager

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“ The Brewers has been a hugely successful business for some years in its current guise. The redevelopment will ensure its success for years to come. ”