Bricklayers Arms

53 Hawks Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey, KT1 3DS

Pub overview

A rare opportunity to obtain a traditional public house in a London borough. Excellent scope to develop an already busy trading business.

The Bricklayers already boasts an excellent local following in the community and was refurbished to a high standard three years ago. The condition of the property both inside and outside is very good and there is a lovely large beer garden at the rear of the property, which is completely secluded and safe for children.
The business currently does not have a food offer, although there is a large and very well equipped trade kitchen located just behind the bar area. The garden boasts a barbecue area for use in better weather.

One open plan bar area leading out to a rear secluded garden. The condition of the bar area is very good having been refurbished about three years ago and kept to a good standard since

Trade space
Bars 1
Dining rooms 1
Food covers 45
Gardens 1
Trade kitchens 1
Patio areas 1

The accommodation stretches the length of the building and enjoys the same large footprint. The condition can be described as good and well kept.

Private space
Private Rooms 9
Lounge 1
Single Bedrooms 1
Double bedrooms 3
Private Kitchen 1
Bathrooms 1
Toilets 1
Office 1

Rent information

Annual rent £35,000.00 per annum
Weekly rent £673.08 per week fixed

£35,000.00 per annum, £673.08 per week fixed and subject to annual RPI increase, which is capped. Paid weekly by direct debit.
Machine income free of tie.

Entry costs approx £39,800 which includes fixtures and fittings, stock, glassware, crockery, cutlery, fuel and cleaning materials, legal, brokers and stocktaking fees, working capital and deposit (25% of head rent, minimum £6,000). The costs for F&F are given as a guide only until they have been formally valued.

Brokers £675.00 Legal £825.00
Deposit £6,000.00 Stocktaking fees £150.00
Fixtures & fittings £20,000.00 Working capital £5,000.00
Other costs £7,150.00 Total entry cost £39,800.00

Agreement description

Standard Tenancy Agreement
A fixed 5 year term agreement which is contracted out of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
•Tie variations available
•Rent set at the start of the agreement, subject to the annual Retail Prices Index (RPI) which is capped
•Flexible pricing options available
•Greene King is responsible for the structure of the building
•Ability to end agreement with 6 months notice at any time with standard notice fee equal to 3 months rent

You will need to estimate the turnover you expect to achieve from the pub, with regard to food and accommodation (if applicable). Barrelage figures are given to assist you with calculations.

Calculators to help you are available on the business planning section of our website.

Trading volumes

Year Beer (Brls) Wine & spirits (Ltrs) Minerals (Ltrs)
2015/16 226 919 2,521
2014/15 221 1,140 3,470
2013/14 259 1,581 3,846
Volume notes


The Bricklayers enjoys a great location in the town of Kingston-upon-Thames with its mix of retail, office and residential properties and nearby Kingston University campus all just a short walk away. The nearby Fairfield Park is a large open area popular with families and local sports teams. The area is well served with local transport and the main train station runs straight through to London Waterloo station.


Trade bar
Dining area
Pub garden
Trade kitchen
Trade patio

Current premises licence opening hours

Monday - Thursday - 10.00am - Midnight Friday - 10.00am - 12.30am Saturday - 10.00am - 12.30am Sunday Noon - 11.00pm

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David Carless

Operations Manager

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“ Traditional public house in very good condition with an established existing trade situated in a London borough which rarely becomes available. I recommend viewing as a customer in the first instance. ”