Leaving the forces

Ever served in the armed forces? You could be exactly the kind of person we’re looking for! After all, the armed forces teach you all about discipline and organisation – the kind of qualities you need when you run a pub.

Some people leave the armed forces with savings or even a lump sum, but the chances are, it might not be enough to buy you a place to live. Many of our pubs have their own accommodation, giving you a home and a business in one. We have pubs available across the UK, so you can choose a pub and a region that suits you.

On top of all that, unlike a run-of-the-mill desk job with limited prospects, when you join the Greene King family, all the effort you put in will go towards making profits for just one person: YOU.

The bottom line is, we’re really keen to help you; that’s why Greene King provides all the training you need and can make sure you know exactly what's what. Interested? Read our section for people who are new to the industry, so you can find out how rewarding running your own pub can be.

"Fighting fit and ready for action? The discipline and organisational skills taught in the armed forces are the ideal qualities for running a pub."