In-pub training

'For us, training is the best way for us to add value to our business. Investing in training and investing in our people is key.'

Graham Suttle, Kained Immaculate Ltd, Lebowskis, Glasgow

'I found the training really engaging, they helped the team look at things from the customers’ point of view. Our mystery visit score improved from 75% to 100% as a result.'

Rhonda McCutcheon, Manager, The Royal Oak, Woodford Green

In-pub training is available to support you and your team. This flexible training should be used when you enter your pub and can be used for team development or to support pubs re-opening after a refurbishment or capital investment. Modules are also available for all current Licensees.

In-pub training is delivered at your pub at times that will suit the needs of your business. Training can be split into sessions of 3-4 hours to suit the needs of your team members. Your BDM will discuss the packages with you and advise on the best training for your needs.

Course ElementsLevel 1 £250Level 2 £400Level 3 £600Level 4 £200 (per module)
Customer focus 
Customer base 
The art of selling 
Challenge 21/25 
Customer journey  
Perfect serve and bar merchandising  
Front of House standards  
Back to basics (kitchen)  
Quality food (kitchen)  
Complaint handling   
Cask and cellar   
Wine and cocktail knowledge   
Full table service   
Serious about sport   
1: Office management   
2: Leadership   
3. Indoor play areas   
4. Marketing   
5. Advanced food and stock   
6. Hotels/rooms   
7. Health & safety   

This package includes customer focused training, so your team will be able to offer the best customer experience.

Customer base

Help the team to understand who their customers are and what they expect.

  • Who are our Guests? – understanding the type of people that come into the pub.
  • How do we create Raving Fans? – finding out what really makes a Guest feel special, going the extra mile and giving them something to shout about.
  • Different Guest types – who are they and what do they come in to the pub for?
  • How to cater for different types of Guest at the same time – how can you ensure that all your Guests get the service they want when they have different needs and how do we attract new guests to the pub?

Customer focus – team approach

Help your team understand behaviour and interaction with the customer.

  • Smile – how to make your guests smile.
  • Guest at the heart – understanding that everything we do is with the Guest in mind, to deliver the best experience.
  • What does a Guest want? – identifying what your Guest wants and needs to keep up with everchanging trends.
  • Guest service & talking to Guests – giving great Guest service and practical session on how to Interact with the Guest.

Challenge 21/25

Help the team to ensure that you do not serve to under-age drinkers.

  • Licensing Law – discussing all aspects of licensing with your team.
  • ID & Challenge 21/25 – how to recognise and ID guests when needed.
  • Passing off & measures – what it means and what are the consequences.

The art of selling

Help the team to understand the sales process and how to target customers.

  • Licensing Law – discussing all aspects of licensing with your team.
  • ID & Challenge 21/25 – how to recognise and ID guests when needed.
  • Passing off & measures – what it means and what are the consequences.

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Includes everything in the Level 1 package plus the following training...

Customer journey

Giving your team an understanding of a customer’s journey within your pub – from entering at the car park right through to paying their bill.

Perfect serve and bar merchandising

Help the team to understand why quality of every drink you serve is important and how to create a bar that sells.

  • Golden rules of the perfect drink – illustrating the basics when serving a drink and the importance of getting it right every time.
  • How to serve the perfect drink – a practical training session to ensure every member of the team knows how to serve all drinks perfectly every time in the correct glassware.
  • How to set up and merchandise a bar –looking at great ways to display your key margin-making and Guest-enticing products linked to the time of year and events planned.

Front of house standards

Showing the importance of setting standards and how they can help to drive business in your pub.

  • Front of house setup – a session to show how to set the pub and bar up to focus on the Guest and what they want.
  • Zoning and atmosphere – ensure your Guests are in the right area of the pub depending on their reason for the visit – eg: watching sport in the bar or dining.
  • POS and posters – how to clearly advertise the great service and products you have available within your pub.

Kitchen standards

Taking the team right back to basics and showing them how to maintain quality in the kitchen.

  • Kitchen paperwork – is your kitchen paperwork efficient?
  • Legal requirements – is the kitchen run according to regulatory guidelines?
  • Kitchen setup and fridge layouts – setting up the kitchen and the fridges to ensure speed of service and efficiency.
  • EHO audit.
  • Food quality issues – ensuring the food that leaves the kitchen is exactly as detailed on the menu and is consistent.
  • Speed of service – understanding how to serve great quality food at all times.

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Includes everything in the Level 2 package plus the following, split into 3/4 sessions and delivered over a month at times to suit your team...

Complaint handling

Understanding customer complaints.

  • Why do people complain? – understanding guest complaints.
  • Why don’t customers complain? – some guests don’t complain when they have had a bad experience.
  • How to deal with a customer complaint.

Cask and cellar

Essential care and cellar management for your cask beers.

  • Who drinks cask ale? – the different markets and Guest base that drink cask ales.
  • Cellar management – how to look after the perfect cellar.
  • Cask and keg products – discussing key product ranges and efficiencies.
  • Temperatures – for the perfect serve.
  • Health Information
  • Cask ale merchandising
  • Deliveries
  • Line cleaning
  • Gas cylinders
  • i-Draught.

Wine and cocktail knowledge

Drinks training to help all your team to use their knowledge and speak with authority.

  • Know your wine menu – ensuring the team understands how wine is made and what we mean by ‘Old World’ and ‘New World’ wines.
  • What is wine? – a category overview of understanding wine.
    What affects the taste of wine?
    Describing wine
    Pairing wine
    Storage of wines at correct temperature
    Wine tips

Serious about sport

Essential for any pub planning to show sports.

  • Sporting Guests – what do they want?
  • Big sporting events – how to be set for success.
  • Top 10 sports watched
  • Get the most from Sky Sports.

Full table service

Steps of service from start to finish.

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Seven courses to take your junior and middle management teams to the next skills level. All can be tailored to your individual business.

Office management: £200

A 4-hour course to help your management team have robust measures in place for cash handling and stock taking:

  • Office procedures and financial controls
  • Stock taking
  • Cash checks
  • Shift handovers.

Leadership: £200

A 4-hour course to help your management team create the perfect team:

  • What makes a great team?
  • What is teamwork?
  • How can you Improve the way you work together?
  • Shift management before/during/after.

Indoor play areas: £200

A 2-hour course to focus on house rules and Health & Safety:

  • How well do you know your play barn?
  • What are the rules
  • Health & Safety
  • Record reporting
  • Event planning.

Health & safety: £200

A 4-to-5-hour course to help your team understand about the full effect of Health & Safety within your business.

  • Fire
  • Food Safety
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Bacteria.

Marketing: £200

A 4/5 hour course to help your team understand demographics and create a sales plan. Includes £100 credit with Spirit Toolkit or GoCreate!

  • Positioning offer
  • Mapping opportunities
  • Cold calling
  • Guest occasions
  • Local sales planning
  • Events: weekly/monthly/big event and key dates.

Advanced food & stocks: £200 per person

A 7-hour course to assist with kitchen management and provide practical sessions on food skills and craft ale food matching:

  • Menus: planning, costing, layout
  • Seasonality of dishes
  • Food and craft ale pairing
  • Fresh soups/sauces and fresh fish
  • Steak and poultry plus game (when in season).

Advanced food & stocks: £200 per person

A 3-to-4-hour course to help your team execute the perfect hotel and bedroom offer:

  • Bookings/telephone
  • Room set up
  • Bed making
  • Bedroom audit
  • Hotel audit.

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