Induction training

Pre entry training courses to run a successful pub

We want you to have the best possible start in your business, so we make sure you are equipped with the skills you need to understand how to manage your pub and achieve your vision. Our award-winning courses provide you with the practical and business tools you’ll need to run a successful pub.

Cellar management: £70

Our Cellar trainers will demonstrate how to manage your cellar effectively to ensure consistent quality, high yield and customer satisfaction.

  • Introduction to the perfect pint
  • Cask beer and cask practical
  • Keg beer and keg practical
  • Gas systems and coolers
  • Cleaning, hygiene and food safety
  • Glass washing and ice making machines
  • Product presentation
  • At the end of the day you will sit the BIIAB Award in Beer Cellar Quality.

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Retail Excellence: £125

How to create a fantastic customer experience and increase revenue and profits through developing, managing and improving the customer offer.

  • Profit improvement opportunities and impact of improving service and reputation
  • Provide a framework and approach to positively impact performance and results
  • Develop a great customer experience and improve the pub’s reputation
  • Provide a tool for problem solving which can be applied to innovation in marketing, cost reduction and service improvement.

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Essential Finance: £100

Learn how to clearly and simply monitor financial controls to understand and protect your investment.

  • The legal requirements for establishing as a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited company
  • Identify the skills and advice needed from your Accountants, Stocktakers and Bankers
  • Establish an efficient bookkeeping system and cash flow forecast exercise
  • Comply with all Self Assessment requirements for the Inland Revenue
  • VAT calculations
  • Construct a Profit & Loss account
  • How to calculate Gross Profit, Gross Profit Margin percentage and setting realistic prices
  • Identifying waste and abuse
  • Staffing ratios and yield.

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Go For Growth: Planning For Success £200 for up to 2 people

This workshop will deliver simple, effective and proven methods used by successful small businesses. We’ll help you focus on the key elements to project realistic targets and set yourself apart from the competition.

  • How to develop your business acumen and entrepreneurial focus
  • Assess the current cost base of the business and conduct an analysis
  • How to develop an active pricing policy
  • Identifying sell up/sell on products and getting your team actively promoting them
  • Assessing the market place, identifying both direct & indirect competitors
  • Benchmarking your business and conducting a competitor analysis
  • Drawing up a plan for action.

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It concentrated our minds on profitability and our turnover has doubled in just 9 months.