Investing In Your Team



For everyone who has supervisory, management or leadership responsibilities – either directly or indirectly. You do not need to have a large team – or even a small one – if you need to enable the people around you to perform by doing and saying the right things at the right moment, then this course is for you.

A two-day programme designed to develop the skills needed to get the best out of everyone you have responsibility for. We will examine when people need to be managed and when they need to be led – and what that means for you in terms of different approaches. To grow performance and capability, people need both support and challenge. You will be shown a variety of approaches which each drive a different result - allowing you to choose exactly what an individual needs from you to perform brilliantly in every situation.

What's covered

  • The differences between Management and Leadership – why management screams and leadership whispers!
  • Capabilities of a Leader – leaders are made not born, so let’s make sure we grow more in the business!
  • 10 Things Great Managers Do – once you know what they are, you can start to hold on to your top talent
  • The History of Leadership – some fantastic theories about Buffalo, Geese and the demise of the Great Man!
  • Situational Leadership – setting the bar high enough to ensure great performance every time. Giving advice when appropriate.
  • Cheerleading when they are competent and don’t need any more advice and then delegating with a smile on your face (lets banish that control freak!)
  • Coaching for Performance – a magic model that enables you to be brilliant, all you have to do is ask a few questions!


Our Cellar trainers will demonstrate how to manage your cellar effectively to ensure consistent quality, high yield and Guest satisfaction.

What's covered

  • Introduction to the perfect pint
  • Cask beer and cask practical
  • Keg beer and keg practical
  • Gas systems and coolers
  • Cleaning, hygiene and food safety
  • Glass washing
  • Product presentation
  • At the end of the day you will sit the BIIAB Award in Beer Cellar Quality

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This one-day course will give you the time, space and confidence to understand developments in social media, evaluating the choice of methods and approaches available and drawing up an effective online marketing campaign.

What's covered

  • Understand the market you operate in
  • Effectively use the social media channels that are relevant for your business
  • Increase your Facebook numbers and use Twitter to create viral marketing messages
  • Review your website’s structure and content
  • Develop a client database
  • Plan a calendar of events
  • Generate PR for your business
  • Choose the right marketing method for your product/campaign
  • Write engaging content for your marketing messages
  • Evaluate your marketing investment and understand what works



More than 25 online training modules covering Compliance, Service, Trends, Hotel and Health & Safety.

  • £10 per module plus VAT
  • £100 for 5 modules of your choice plus VAT
  • £250 Annual License (all modules) plus VAT


Training modules for Managers, covering Management Compliance and Management Development.

  • £10 per module plus VAT
  • £60 for 5 modules of your choice plus VAT
  • £110 for all 12 modules plus VAT


Beer Genius is an industry-leading online resource for Licensees that helps you improve the standard of every pint you pour. It has a handy self-diagnosis tool that means you can fix a problem in your cellar there and then so you don’t waste beer trying to work out what you need to fix!

What's covered

  • Beer brand information
  • ‘How to’ videos
  • E-learning courses
  • Book face-to-face training
  • Best Practice guides
  • Cellar Doctor fault finding service

The site works on PC, tablet or smartphone so it’s great for team members if they are in the cellar and have a beer problem to sort out.

E-Learning Courses

These interactive free e-learning modules take from 30 to 45 minutes to complete and cover essential knowledge in a structured format. Sit the course at your PC, tablet or smartphone and take as long as you like, save and return at a later date or complete in one sitting. It’s up to you. Then print off your personalised course certificate and prove you are a beer genius.

  • Bar Genius - Learn how to operate your own bar
  • Cellar Genius - How to manage your cellar
  • Commercial Genius - Learn how to optimise your profits



Onsite Team Training

Our expert L&D field trainers will develop your team in situ at a time that suits you.

  • £250 per day plus VAT
  • £900 for 5 sessions plus VAT
  • £1800 for 10 sessions plus VAT