Greene King Code of Practice

Proud of our pubs and proud of the relationship with our licensees.

We believe our licensees choose an Agreement with Greene King because they value the relationship with us and the support that a tied Agreement provides. Our licensees tell us that they appreciate the relatively low level of capital they need to launch their own pub business. They also recognise the lower fixed costs and reduced risks associated with this type of arrangement.

Our Code of Practice demonstrates our commitment to you and outlines what’s expected from our relationship and how it works. We'll make sure that you are given a copy of our Code of Practice during your application process.

Greene King Pub Partners Code of Practice for Tenancies and Leases

Pubs Code - England & Wales

Pubs Code - Scotland

Belhaven Code of Practice for Tenancies and Leases

Download Belhaven Code of Practice

The British Beer and Pub Association Industry Framework Code of Practice

Download here