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Belhaven Best  3.2% ABV

Belhaven Best is Scotland's best-selling ale and is produced in our historic brewery in Dunbar, East Lothian.

The pint of pints, the main man of draught ales. At 3.2% strength, Belhaven Best is the ideal session beer. Its smooth, beautifully balanced taste and body will refresh and reassure any drinker, on any occasion. We've named this Best for a reason – we're sure you'll agree.

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Tasting Notes

Belhaven Best is a beautifully balanced beer with a smooth, rich texture and honey-coloured finish. Its light, creamy head with lacing to the bottom of the glass offers a taste that is both refreshing and delicious and finished with a pleasing hint of hop. No wonder it's known as 'the cream of Scottish beer.’

Belhaven Black 4.2% ABV

Brewed with 100% Scottish grown barley malt and water drawn from the Brewery well, this deliciously-balanced, full-bodied stout offers a rich roasted coffee aroma with a smooth finish, with lingering hints of dark chocolate and liquorice. Smooth, deep and distinctive.



80 Shilling 4.2% ABV

80 Shilling is Belhaven's classic, hand-pulled, cask-conditioned ale. It has a classic red appearance in the glass, with a rich and smooth texture.



St. Andrews Ale 4.9% ABV

A real classic, Belhaven's St. Andrews Ale is inspired by another great Scottish invention – golf. A truly great beer with great balance and great flavours.



Belhaven IPA 3.8% ABV

Belhaven IPA is a 3.8% ABV golden ale, brewed using the finest Scottish grown malted barley and hopped using a unique triple blend of hops, which combine to produce its characteristic floral aroma and clean crisp citrus flavour.


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