Other great beers

Apart from well-known ales such as Greene King IPA and Old Speckled Hen, we also brew a variety of other beers to cater for every taste and occasion.

Cask-conditioned and brewery-conditioned beers

Cask-conditioned beers are often referred to as cask or real ales and include beer we brew all year round that continues to mature in the cask. Brewery-conditioned beers are often referred to as keg ales. They are filtered or pasteurised to give a longer shelf-life. Carbonation is then added when the beer is dispensed. The following are always available for you to add to your bar as guests or include in your seasonal lineup.


Mighty Moose 5.6% ABV

A refreshingly bold amber ale with subtle sweet malty flavours and an aroma packed full of hops, grapefruit, citrus and tropical fruits. Brewed with Perle and Magnum hops and dry hopped twice over 8 days with generous quantities of the American Cascade hops to add a big, fruity hop flavour punch.


Golden Breeze 3.8% ABV

Easy to drink, 3.8% Subtly fruity & sweet with aroma of peach and plums, to appeal to a broader audience.



St Edmunds 4.2% ABV

St Edmunds is a fresh, golden beer with a citrus finish, brewed using pale malt and cascade hops. Crafted for modern tastes using traditional brewing methods, this is the perfect introduction to real beer.


London Glory 4.1% ABV

A fusion of malts gives this amber ale its lingering sweet toffee aroma. A harmonious balance of roasted barley and clean hop flavours makes it a crisp and refreshing beer to enjoy.


Ruddles Best 3.7% ABV

This is an English ale with hoppy, citrus undertones balanced with bitterness and a light sweetness. It has an aroma that is packed with soft fruit notes and a clean, moreish finish. Available in cask, smooth and sparkling.


Ruddles County 4.3% ABV

Originally from England's smallest county – Rutland – Ruddles County is an English ale with a distinctive flavour of dark toffee and caramel, combined with a crisp bitterness derived from using rare Bramling Cross hops.


Greene King XX Mild 3% ABV

A CAMRA Champion Mild of East Anglia 2009, this is a cask mild traditionally brewed using dark malt to give a sweet and roasted flavour. It is available in cask only.