Seasonal ales

Alongside our core range of beers, we also offer a selection of seasonal ales ,throughout the year. Some are topical and relate to key events like Christmas or Halloween, others are designed to fit with sporting themes to help you make the most of an event. Here’s a selection...

Tolly English Ale 2.8% ABV

Brewed at 2.8% but with all the interest and body of a stronger beer. A complex mix of hops gives lemon citrus and tropical fruit flavours.



Robert Burns 4.2% ABV

A mild beer with rich, sweet tones of Scottish toffee and a subtle malty aftertaste. Perfect for Burns’ Night on 25th January.



Yardbird 4% ABV

Full of hops and with a lasting fruity flavour, this beer is inspired by bold American pale ales.



Windmill Pale 3.7% ABV

Brewed for 200th year of the Wimbledon Common windmill. Fine English malted barley with malted oats produce this pale ale.



Grubber 4.2% ABV

Fragrant, fresh and fruity golden ale. Brewed with pale malts and classic English hops – Challenger, Pilgrim and First Gold.



Patron Saints Ale 4.5% ABV

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with our dedicated ale. A rich amber premium ale.



Grand Slam 4% ABV

A clean, refreshing ale with grapefruit citrus aroma and taste, and a long, dry refreshing bitter finish. Perfect for the RBS Six Nations rugby.



“Old Hoppy Hen” 4.2% ABV

Brewed with the finest pale and crystal malts as well as the American Chinook hop to give a fresh grapefruit character.



Patron Saints Ale 4.5% ABV

Celebrate St George’s Day with our dedicated ale.



Wembley 67 4.2% ABV

This wizard ale commemorates Scotland’s brief period as unofficial football World Champions in 1967. Full bodied Scottish malt is balanced with spicy floral hops from our English friends to give a satisfying and refreshing beer.



Golden Bay 3.8% ABV

This ale is reminiscent of the striking sunsets that can be seen from Belhaven Bay. With its refreshing citrus taste balanced against clean floral tones, this ale is certainly one to tempt the palate.



Bermuda Joe’s 4.1% ABV

Celebrate the Summer with Bermuda Joe’s, a golden beer with a tropical personality to add a Caribbean twist.



Festival Ale 4.1% ABV

A perfect, easy drinking beer for Summer; the Amarillo and Citra hops create a refreshing beer with an intense citrus zing.



Kittewake 4.4% ABV

Inspired by the maritime environment shared by Belhaven and Orkney, this fruity pale ale has a tang of salt spray along with the zesty citrus of cascade and centennial hops. As fresh as the sea.



Bridge To Nowhere 4% ABV

We have brewed this bright, hoppy pale ale in tribute to Belhaven’s other famous landmark, the “Bridge to Nowhere” which carries the footpath over to Belhaven Bay. When the tide comes in, the path disappears, just like your thirst with this zippy and refreshing beer.



Sir Titus 3.8% ABV

Saltaire Brewery was established in 2005 close to the Saltaire Mill and village, built by Sir Titus Salt in the 1800s. This majestic beer is straw coloured with a rich citrus palate and a splendid bitter finish.



Amarillo 3.8% ABV

An easy drinking single hop IPA, the Amarillo hops create a beer bursting with citrus fruits.



Ale Fresco 4.3% ABV

A popular light and refreshing beer with tropical fruit and lemon citrus notes and moderate bitterness.



Barmy Army 3.7% ABV

This golden beer is fruity, malty and full of flavour. Easy drinking sweet malt with a moderate body and a crisp clean bitter finish to balance.



Tequila Mocking Bird 4.3% ABV

Fresh, bright golden beer with a honeyed sweetness and a kick of tequila and lime to get the party started. Arriba, arriba!



Bonkers Conkers 4.1% ABV

A complex beer full of fruit aromas and taste. The biscuity malt adds body and warmth.



Smoke Stack Stout 5% ABV

Great roasted coffee and wood-smoke aromas, rich dark chocolate and black coffee flavours, combined with velvet-smooth oak notes and spicy, smoky, finish.



Fireside 4.5% ABV

A full bodied, refreshing beer with masses of grapefruit and lemon citrus. Black malt adds dryness.



Rocking Rudolph 4.2% ABV

A full bodied beer with redcurrant and blackcurrant flavours, along with a malted toffee taste. A crisp bitter finish.



Abbot Reserve 6.5% ABV

Distinctive full bodied, smooth and mature beer, bursting with fruit cake and toffee flavours.



Old Gold 5% ABV

A smooth, full bodied ale from Belhaven, with rich oak and whisky notes. The malt whiskies of Speyside are world famous for their sweetness and elegance - giving this outstanding beer poise and finesse as well as depth.



Gangly Ghoul 4.2% ABV

An easy drinking beer. A warming toffee character with a touch of orange peel citrus and spiciness.



Cornish Coast 3.7% ABV

An easy-drinking and refreshing beer with a beautiful citrus flavour and subtle piney finish from the Cascade hops.



Old Mulled Hen 5% ABV

A warming winter ale with rich clove, cinnamon and nutmeg flavour.

Greene King and our partner breweries produce seasonal ales to add variety and interest on your bar. We also work in collaboration with famous brewers from all over the UK.