Local Hero Demographic Information

Local Hero pubs have an innovative twist with a rich vein of local provenance, led by genuinely engaged and passionate teams. In essence, they really stand out from the crowd.

Why locally-sourced products?

Guests feel that buying locally brewed beer is important.
Source: Yougov 2015

They also say buying local food is important or very important too.
Source: The Cask Report

Sell the best beer

Our Local Hero Agreements are designed to let you create a unique experience that no other pub in the area can match. Examples include: micro brewery, gin distillery and farm shop.

And because 50% of cask ale is free-of-tie, you can sell locally brewed beers that guests love.

  • 85% of consumers state that good quality beer as a major factor in choice of pub.
  • 50% of drinkers will leave a pub if they are served poor quality beer and of those 60% either never go back, or go less often.

Guests still expect tried-and-trusted brands that they are familiar with. You have to offer both. Stock premium drinks as they are prepared to upgrade and will judge the quality of your pub by the type of products it sells.

Understand the difference between Local & Provenance

Local – usually interpreted as from within 30 miles.

Provenance – having a sense of place, and not necessarily local.

These two words occupy very similar space in guests’ minds. They are prepared to pay a premium price for either. Many competitors can offer Provenance, but few have a supply chain that can manage local sourcing. Local Hero pubs have a clear advantage, provided that:

  • You treat your local products with the same reverence and provenance. Find out what makes them special and market it to guests. For example: ‘organic locally reared pork’ or ‘hand-made short crust pies.’
  • You are ruthless about quality. Just because something is local, doesn’t mean it is better. You must taste, sample, experience what you buy so that you know it’s the best in town.