Local Hero FAQs

Is this my business or does Greene King own it?
Greene King owns the property for the business – you pay rent for the period of the Agreement. You will also need to pay other costs, for example any beer that you buy from us. Details of  these charges and the exit process when your Agreement ends can be found in our Information Guide.

Can I sell my Local Hero Agreement?
No, the Local Hero Agreement is not transferrable.

I have a business idea, will it be suitable for Local Hero?
We are always interested in new ways to provide an innovative twist that will make a Local Hero pub special. However, not everything is suitable. This style of Agreement represents a large commitment from Greene King and we need to research your proposal to analyise how it could work.

Can any pub become a Local Hero?
If you search the pubs on this website, you’ll find the ones that we believe would make the best Local Heroes. These are usually where Greene King has earmarked the site for investment so that we can transform the business and create something unique. However, we may be prepared to transform a pub that is not flagged for this Agreement style.

If you are interested in any of the sites listed as 'Recruiting' click here or call 001284 714497

How do I register my interest?

If there is a specific Local Hero pub listed that interests you then you can enquire against that specific pub. If you cannot see a specific pub this does not mean there aren’t other opportunities. Please complete the online application form and we will register your interest accordingly. Our recruitment team will be in touch with you.

What is a Local Hero Agreement?

Local Hero is a 5 year tenancy – a framework agreement that shares risk and reward with all partners. It also aims to celebrate and champion everything local; whether that is micro-brewed ales or the local provenance of food and other key suppliers.

How many Real Ale sticks can I have on the bar?

We aim for 8 sticks, but have as many as 12 in some sites.

How does the Free of Tie element work?

50% of all Real Ale sticks are Free of Tie. The other 50% must be from Greene Kings brewed range (Traditional Craft, Speciality Craft, Guest Brewers & Trial Brews – lots of flexibility!)

Does this not make my Greene King beer too expensive vs my Free of Tie beer?

We also include a beer barrel discount on all Greene King brewed ales, keg and craft to allow competitive pricing of all products.

Are there other drinks deals?

Yes. All Local Hero agreements also include access to our Discounted Wines, Spirits & Minerals price list.

It sounds like a considerable investment in the ale so the cellar costs and associated fixture and fitting costs must be quite expensive?

They can be, but we fit out the bar and cellar as required at each site. This cost is landlord’s fixtures and fittings so no cost to you (the tenant).

Is there a royalty fee?

A royalty fee of 6% charged on net turnover. The Royalty Fee is linked to your Mystery Guest and Cellar Audit scores, for example if you achieve an average of 90% across 13 Mystery Guest visits a year and 90% in your cellar audits, you will receive (or keep) a 1% reduction.

Is there an opportunity to reduce the royalty %?

Yes. In years 2 – 6 the royalty % can be as low as 4% which is achieved through hitting agreed targets in mystery guest and compliance audits and an agreed drinks purchase target.

What training can I expect with a Local Hero tenancy?

The enhanced training programme includes Greene King’s compulsory and pre-entry training as well as in-pub training for you and your team. Local Hero pubs also receive additional specialist training.