The Great British pub revolution

Deciding to run a pub is a big decision to make and we know that you will have concerns about whether it’s a good time to get into the pub trade. In recent years there’s been much coverage in the press about the demise of the British pub.

However, that’s not the whole story. Yes, some pubs have closed but many others are thriving thanks to innovative landlords and pub operators who are revolutionising the pub scene. The Great British Pub is not dead; it’s just caught up with what customers want and the culture of going out today.

Those pubs that are doing well also share a key difference to those that have closed or are not so profitable. The landlords and pub operators behind the successful ones are running them professionally as a business.

Whether they are tenant landlords or own the lease to a pub, a new breed of pub landlords have come into the trade with their business heads on and are transforming the way pubs are run.

Be Inspired And Run A Pub!

So what are these landlords doing differently? Here are just some of the ways our pub operators are building profitable businesses and thriving pubs.

They’re running a business

At the heart of any successful pub is a business person who understands that running a pub is no different than running any other small business. It requires business vision, business planning, and core business skills to ensure that it not only turns a profit but also continues to grow and evolve.

Don’t worry if you don’t have previous experience running a business, these skills can be learnt. If you decide to run a pub with Greene King you also get fantastic business support from our Business Development Managers, training, and online resources.

They’re entrepreneurial

Another quality that we see in many of our most successful pub operators is the entrepreneurial spirit. These individuals want to create exciting businesses that don’t just involve pulling pints all day. They’re motivated by a desire to increase revenues by introducing innovation into the pub business, be it by adding a complementary business alongside the existing pub such as a craft brewery or fine dining restaurant, or by providing customers with a fantastic experience that gets them coming back time and time again.

Just have a look at some of our case studies to be inspired by these entrepreneurial landlords.

They’re meeting customer demand

Successful landlords really understand what their customers want. They also understand that there is a lot of competition for trade and they need to deliver a very distinctive offering to their customers. That doesn’t mean that the traditional boozer is dead or that every pub needs to have a restaurant, provide live entertainment, and screen every major sporting event. It’s still possible to run a great wet-led pub, if that’s what customers want and are prepared to support.

One of the positive aspects of some pubs closing is that the general public are coming out in support of their local pubs. They don’t want to see their local close. Therefore if your pub is meeting customer demand, they will keep coming back for more.

They’re going above and beyond

Our successful pub operators don’t rest on their laurels! Even when they’ve achieved their goals such as a major refurbishment or the introduction of a new food offer, they continue to improve and innovate. One of our pub operators, Matt Eaton of the Fox in Farnham says, “Our staff have prompt cards with bullet points, they know there are certain steps that they need to do. We keep on top of it to maintain standards, keep everyone on the ball all the time.”

They’ve got passion

Finally, a quality that we see in many of our landlords that often they don’t recognise in themselves: passion. They love the pub business, are really excited about the potential that running a pub offers, and are passionate about creating a real buzz around their pubs.

These landlords and pub operators aren’t afraid to put the hours in to build the businesses they want. Once they’ve achieved it they looking for the next project, whether that’s taking on another pub or doing something different with their existing one.

The Great British Pub is alive and kicking! If you want to find out more, sign up for our email series below, or contact our team directly to apply.