Ready to run your own pub – could you be the next Pub Ready operator?

If you have been managing a pub for the last few years, as a General Manager or even an assistant/deputy manager, you may be thinking to yourself, “What’s my next step?”, “I wish I had more freedom to run a pub my way!”, or “I really want to run my own pub, but I am never going to be able to raise the ingoing costs of a lease or tenancy on the salary I am on!”

These are common concerns of many managers working in the sector. We are all aware that management salaries, although attractive, do not always offer the opportunity to save the investment needed to take the step into a lease or tenancy of your own.

This is not only a challenge for the individual managers but for the pub industry too. Incredibly skilled and experienced managers are being lost - or at best, constrained - by the lack of opportunities available to them - great pubs that would benefit from their creativity, individuality, and ability to deliver exceptional service.

After much research, the team at Greene King have been developing a new scheme for Pub Ready operators. A handful of great managers have been given the opportunity to hold the keys to some great pubs across the country, on a managed operator scheme. But what does that mean?

What is a Pub Ready Operator?

Throughout the country, there are hundreds of exceptional managers who are delivering exceptional service, welcoming atmospheres, top quality food offerings, and profitable operations. Most of these managers will remain in these roles for years, potentially stifled by not having the opportunities that present themselves when running your own pub. With a firm understanding of licensing law, food safety, and local marketing, these managers are operators ready to take on their own pub - but lack the means to take that step.

What would being a Pub Ready Operator mean for you?

If you are reading this as one of those managers – what would the Pub Ready Operator Scheme offer you? It was evident that there needed to be a bridge between being a fantastic and proven manager to a successful pub tenant. The scheme is designed to be that bridge. If you are ready to take the step to run your own pub as a business, without all of the risk, the Pub Ready scheme will provide this in a great venue that is ready for retail.

What is on offer to you as an operator with Greene King?

As a proven manager, you would be offered a ready-made business that you will run as your own. Greene King will be responsible for most of the business operations, including the property and associated utilities, and initial and ongoing stock costs, which are purchased through a flexible and efficient ordering service.

The operator will be provided with marketing support and materials, ongoing training, and excellent contractor relationships to prevent operational loss due to technical issues or faults, operational procedures – everything needed for a smooth operation. All of this is provided and supported by a dedicated, highly experienced Business Development Manager (BDM).

Greene King offers a management fee of £20,000, helping you take the first step to run your operation. You will then be supplied with an additional management fee based on a percentage of your weekly sales and a quarterly payment based on the profitability of your operation. This format celebrates and rewards success – the more you improve your sales, control your stocks, monitor your fresh food produce suppliers – the more money you will make - weekly and quarterly.

What would you, as an operator, be responsible for?

The operator is then therefore responsible for paying their staff, including bar and kitchen staff. You will also be required to fund your liability insurances and pay council tax on any private accommodation that may be provided with the pub. There is an initial £5,000 non-refundable deposit to secure the operation – a fraction of the financial commitment required to run a pub through a lease or tenancy.

With the assistance of your BDM to grow sales, and your commitment to the business, paying staff will be easy, as your management fee payments continue to rise as a reward for business success – and this is not capped.

What’s it like to run a pub with Greene King?

It’s the people that make Greene King an incredible company to work with. You have the freedom to be yourself and own your successes. Greene King care about embracing individuality and each other - you will absolutely be at the forefront of your business.

Our pubs, Our environment, Our community and Our customers are the heart of Our Greene King.

Taking ownership and giving freedom to succeed - You will make great things happen and own the outcome, as you’re encouraged to embrace and unleash your potential by thinking differently and doing the right thing. You’ll win, learn and celebrate together - be ready to learn from your mistakes but also to win and celebrate success as an individual and with your team.

What would be my future?

The opportunities are endless – the best operators will be looking forward and searching for the next challenge. Perhaps you are ready to run your second pub? Or you may be looking at a third or fourth as you continue to grow your pub portfolio. The opportunities are endless - and an amazing future awaits you.

If you would like to hear what being a successful operator with Greene King provides you, why not read Phil’s story? Phil was one of the first Pub Ready Operators and is now getting the keys to his second pub less than a year later.