You're in the Planning stage of deciding to run a pub business. Now that really is exciting. Whether it is your first pub or expansion into multiple pubs the planning stage is vital. Like any business it is a serious undertaking. There is much to do but the rewards can be great. Having a strong plan will give you the greatest chance of success. By ticking off the items on this Checklist you will ensure the finances, training and business planning preparations for your pub business have all been considered.

Each item on the Checklist is covered in one of the five emails you will receive. If you are keen to progress quicker, you will notice links to appropriate content next to the Checklist item.

Let's start your pub plans.

Planning Stage Checklist

I have decided the kind of pub I would like to run.

I have an idea of the area I want to be in, including researching the population demographics and competitors.

I have completed a 1st draft of a pub business plan.

I have outlined my financial goals.

I have spoken to an accountant to check my numbers and ensure I have funding options.

I have identified the courses I need to take i.e. personal licence.

Have you ticked off all the items on the Planning Checklist? Then please move on to your application below.