Researching a Pub Business

You're researching a pub business. That's exciting. Great pubs are thriving and we want to help you develop your ideas further. By ticking off the items on this Checklist you will turn your early thoughts into a clear idea that running a pub is something you want to do.

Each item on the Checklist is covered in one of the five emails you will receive.

If you want to move on quicker, then take a look at the suggest information in the checklist. Then complete the form at the bottom of the page and move onto the Planning Stage.

Let's get started.

Research Stage Checklist

Work through this list and then submit the form below. If you do not have time now you will receive it all in your Researching email series.

☑ I am motivated run my own business.

☑ I believe I have the right credentials, drive and personality to run a pub business.

☑ I know the different kind of pubs I could run.

☑ I understand what a tenancy means and know what other agreements are available.

☑ I have a good idea of how much money I need to take on a pub and what I am paying for.

☑ I know what training is available to prepare me for taking on a pub business.

Ready to Start Planning?

Have you ticked off all the items on the Research Checklist? Then move on to the Planning Stage below.

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