Cost considerations

The cost of each pub will vary – it really all depends on the size of pub and the type of Agreement you choose. To help you make the right choice, every pub that's currently available shows an amount we've estimated for entry costs – in other words, roughly how much you'll need to find up front before you start trading. Costs include:

  • A deposit
  • Stock plus fixtures and fittings you'll need to buy from the outgoing licensee
  • Business advice and professional fees (accountant, solicitor, surveyor, stock-taker, broker etc.)
  • Moving costs
  • Miscellaneous set-up costs, e.g. computer / internet access
  • Working capital
  • Marketing and printing costs
  • Opening food stock
  • Stamp Duty
  • Annual Premises Licence fee
  • PPL and PRS Licence fees
  • Training

What you'll need to pay us on an ongoing basis

It’s also important to note that there are other ongoing costs you will need to pay once you are up and running. Again, to give you as much information as possible, we’ve listed these here:

  • Rent (this is shown on each pub listing)
  • Annual Premises Licence fees and any licensing variation fees
  • Maintenance and Service Plan (for Tenancy Agreements) or Repairs Fund (for Lease Agreements)
  • Greene King's buildings insurance
  • Repairs carried out by us on your behalf
  • Machines Management Fee (if applicable)
  • Items you buy from us (beer, promotions, training, paper copies of invoices etc.)
  • Administration costs (Deed of Variation, duplicate Agreement, failed Direct Debits etc.)
  • Interest charged on overdrawn Trade Account balances

How much you'll need to run your business

Don’t forget you’ll also need to factor in the costs that go with the day-to-day running of your business too. This includes everything from staff salaries to gas bills and any food you serve. To help you out, you can (if you choose) take advantage of special discounts we've negotiated with key suppliers through our Bar Gains buying service. And should you need some more general help with budgeting, we've put together a business plan template that helps to make sure you have everything covered.

"The cost of each pub will vary, but we've estimated entry costs and other cost considerations for each pub to help you make the right choice."