If you ever need to know something, we’re always on hand to help – whether on the phone, email, or via Facebook, Twitter. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of the most common things we’re asked below.

What's the difference between a tenancy and a lease?

Usually a Tenancy is for a shorter period of time and you cannot sell on the goodwill of the business. A Lease is a much longer Agreement but you are able to sell on the goodwill of the business when you leave. Find out more here.

Do I have to buy drinks from Greene King?

Your Agreement will tell you what products you have to buy from Greene King. This is called the ‘Tie.’ When you search for pubs, you'll see that the type of tie is clearly shown for each pub. As a general rule, if you are required to buy products from us, the ongoing rent is lower.

Will I be rewarded for selling beer?

Each type of Agreement has a different incentive built in to encourage you to sell Greene King's beer. Some Agreements of ours allow you to earn cashback based on the volumes you sell.

Will I be rewarded for providing good service?

We operate a FREE Mystery Guest service that's carried out by an independent research company. This lets you see things from a customer's point of view and shows how you can improve your business. Some of our Agreements allow you to earn cashback based on the volumes you sell.

Do you offer discounts on products I need to buy?

Yes. We have set up great deals with a selected number of suppliers. This scheme – called ‘Bar Gains’ – is available to you through our licensee extranet, PubPartners.net

What background information will I get on each pub?

This will vary for each business. Where we know the trading figures we'll pass them onto you and our Business Development Managers will be able to provide some general pub history. If you are buying an assigned Lease, the turnover figures and other information about the business are supplied by the current Lessees – you'll need to verify these before proceeding.

How much will it cost to move in?

Each pub listing shows how much money we estimate you'll need to get your pub up and running. You can find out more about this in our section on costs, which you can find here.

I don't have a lot of money, can you help me?

Under special circumstances, we can offer an Assisted Purchase Scheme to spread the cost of the Fixtures and Fittings of the pub.

Who pays for repairs?

If you have a Tenancy Agreement, you will need to pay for a Maintenance and Service Plan. The amount you pay is banded and based on the style of your pub. If you have a Lease Agreement, you are usually responsible for repairs but you will need to pay into a Repairs Fund to cover any repairs we make on your behalf.

Who pays for insurance?

Greene King Pub Partners' Buildings Insurance is re-charged to you on a banding basis depending on the size and style of your pub. You are required to insure the other areas of your business that you will be responsible for, including public and product liability, employee liability, fixtures and fittings and loss of income.

What if I want to leave early?

Our Tenancy Agreements have Break Clauses written into them so that you can, in most cases, leave at this point. If you have a Lease, you will need to arrange to sell on the Agreement. Breaking an Agreement early can be a serious decision, but we have outlined exactly how this can happen in our Code of Practice. Find out more - Download our Code of Practice here

It’s easy to apply – use our online application form or just give us a call on 01284 843200. Even if you haven’t found a pub, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know when the right business is available.