Training, skills and qualifications for running a pub

Training, Skills And Qualifications For Tenants Running A Pub

Are you interested in becoming a tenanted pub licensee but lack pub management experience? Contrary to what you might think, it's not necessary to have previous pub management experience to start a career as a pub licensee. Many of our pub tenants at Greene King come from diverse backgrounds, proving that skills and experience in other fields can be successfully transferable. This route is available for tenancy only. 

Whether you possess transferable skills from your current profession or need to acquire new ones, Greene King can help with award-winning training courses tailored to provide you (and your team) with the essential know-how.

But what training, skills and qualifications do you need? Let’s find out…

What Experience Do I Need To Run A Pub?

While having previous experience in pub management is beneficial it’s not the only factor we look for when considering someone for a pub tenancy. If you are a chef or caterer, you will already have the skills needed to run a kitchen and deliver good customer service. Those with a background in retail or business often possess desirable transferable skills, including staff management and customer service.

More important than specific experience in the pub industry is genuine enthusiasm, a willingness to work hard and an entrepreneurial instinct. The ability to embrace challenges, be sociable and polite - even when you have been on your feet for hours.

What About Qualifications?

The most important qualification for your new career is the British Institute of Innkeeping Pre-Awareness Training, or PEAT. Completing this training is a legal requirement before you can sign any final agreements as it ensures you are well-versed in all aspects of leased, tenanted and franchise pub agreements as well as providing you with a solid foundation in business planning and pub management. Pub licensees will also need a Personal Licence to sell alcohol which requires completion of a relevant licensing qualification. Click here to learn more.

What Training Will I Receive?

From essential training tailored to new licensees to advanced courses designed for those seeking to build on their knowledge, our award-winning training programmes encompasses a spectrum of skills necessary for the management of your pub business.

Before you take on your pub, you will be required to attend our 4 Day Pub Power Welcome programme. This programme equips you with vital information crucial for successfully navigating the intricacies of pub management.

Upon joining Greene King, you will also be allocated a dedicated regional trainer whose primary focus is to provide training support for you and your team. Our commitment to training extends beyond new licensees; we provide ongoing training for licensees and their staff, ensuring ongoing skill development.

What If I Want To Open Multiple Pubs?

The journey doesn’t need to end once you’ve mastered the art of running a single pub - there is potential for expansion! With the appropriate training and established systems, you can become a multi-site operator. While taking on another site to your portfolio needs careful consideration, the path to expansion becomes more manageable with the right mindset and by taking advantage of our training opportunities. And as always, your BDM will be on hand to advise as your tenancy business grows.

Are You Interested In Running A Pub With Us?

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