Pub Gaming Machines

We provide expert advice on how to maximise your profit potential from machines.


A gaming machine is defined by the Gambling Act 2005 as a machine that is designed or adapted for use by individuals to gamble (whether or not it can also be used for other purposes). Gaming machines fall into categories depending on the maximum stake and prize available.

The types of gaming machines, often referred to as entertainment equipment, include: skills with prizes, amusement with prizes, juke boxes, pool tables and other pay-to-play entertainment machines.


While machines will not be a mandatory element of your agreement with us, our dedicated machines manager can provide you with expert advice on how you can make the most of machines in your business. We offer a machines supply service with the following benefits:

  • Value for money – our purchasing power ensures that rental fees are extremely competitive.

  • Machine management – to get the most from your machines you need the right machine in the right place for the right price.

  • Income management – needs to be constantly monitored to ensure earning potential is maximised.

  • Security – checking that reported cash matches meters to keep losses due to faulty machines and fraud to a minimum.

  • New machine trends – new features and products are continually changing and you need to ensure you’re up to date for your customers. We can help you with this.

  • Keeping legal – we can help you with current legislation and keep you updated on future legislative changes.