Who do I talk to if I want to run a pub with Greene King?

So you’ve decided that you want to run a pub. Congratulations! The next step is to start your search for the right pub, and talk to a brewery or pub company about your plans. But who do you talk to if you want to run a pub with Greene King?

Much depends on whether you have a specific pub in mind.  If you’ve seen an advert or sign outside a Greene King pub that you like the look of, or have been browsing the website and spotted the pub of your dreams, you should get in touch with the regional Business Development Manager. Contact details will be listed alongside the pub.

Contact Pub Partners Team

However many people know that they want run a pub with Greene King pub but have no specific pub in mind.  This is where a general chat with the Pub Partners Team is the ideal starting point.  We welcome an approach from anyone who is interested in running a pub.  Talking to us early in the recruitment process means that we can help you get ready to take on a pub, even before the right site becomes available.  For example, we can talk to you about what you need to do to become a licensee and crucially the steps you need to take to become a business owner.

You can ring 01284 843200 and have a quick chat to discuss your situation, what you are looking for, and how you can work with Greene King.  You will be asked about your personal circumstances and experience, and will be able to discuss any queries that you may have before applying to run a pub.

Alternatively, fill in the online application form and click send.  You can upload your CV and any other documentation, and provide all the basic background information required such as your potential capital, business or trade experience. Applying online doesn’t mean you have to take on a pub with Greene King, not until you’ve signed a tenancy agreement are you committed in any way. So there’s no harm in applying and starting the process of finding a pub.

When we receive your application we will then arrange a ‘General Interview’ where you will meet a member of the Pub Partners team and discuss your plans in more detail.  More information about the General Interview can be found here.

Greene King Open Days

Another way to get the ball rolling and find a pub tenancy is to attend one of our Recruitment Open Days. We hold these regularly throughout the year at the Greene King Beer Café in Bury St Edmunds.

Attending an Open Day is a relaxed, informal opportunity to discuss running a pub, and meet the Greene King Pub Partners team. You can find out more about running a pub, potential opportunities and have a face-to-face meeting with one of our Recruitment Managers or BDMs.

Our next Open Day is on Wednesday 21st June, click on the link below to book a place.

Business Development Managers

If you are already a Greene King pub tenant or leaseholder and are thinking about taking on an additional site, your BDM should be the first port of call.

As you will know, Business Development Managers are closely involved throughout your pub tenure, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role. Have a chat with your BDM about your plans to take on another pub and see if they have anything suitable. It may be that a great pub will available later in the year and therefore isn’t currently listed on our website – your BDM will be able to tip you off to these opportunities.

For anyone who isn’t sure what a BDM does, have a look at this webpage for more information.

Talk To Your Family

Don’t forget that it’s not just the brewery or pub company you need to speak to. Your family, partner and friends may also have something to say about your plans! They are going to be closely affected by your decision, especially if they have to move house to live on site, or take on additional financial responsibilities.  Getting their agreement and making sure they are totally happy with your plans is crucial.

Professional Advisors

You will also need to talk to a solicitor, accountant and an independent business advisor. Remember that taking on a business involves some legal and financial documentation and this needs to be carefully checked. If this is your first business, you may not have met these professionals before, but you will certainly need to do so during the process of taking on a pub business.

If you don’t have existing contacts or recommendations, networking meetings within your area are a good way of making contacts and getting a recommendations for local professionals.  Talk to a few companies and find out how they operate; how their way of working suits your requirements. Some accountants, for example, might offer a service where they meet you on a regular basis to discuss the progress of your business and advise on the best times for further investment, especially if you are looking to buy new equipment or take on additional pubs. 

Talk To Other Landlords

Chat to other landlords in the area about running a pub. Find out what their experience has been and what they have learned.  If you’ve not been in the pub trade before, or perhaps have had a break for a few years, you may be surprised by what a dynamic and innovative industry it now is. Pub landlords are business owners and many are reinventing the traditional British pub to be rewarding and exciting businesses.

Above all, talk to Greene King as soon as you have made the decision to take on a pub. It will take time to find the right pub and get everything in order ready for you to get the keys, so give yourself a head start and call today!