Pub Franchise Agreement

A new way to run a retail business

If you have dreamed of operating a pub retail business, The Pub Franchise Agreement is a low-cost way to achieve your ambition. This franchise agreement from Greene King Pub Partners provides a pub that's ready to trade with all food and drinks supplied. We sort out all marketing and promotions and install smart till systems so you can understand how the business is performing, we can even cover the majority of the bills. As everything has been set up, you can concentrate on growing the business and serving customers for us.

Pub Franchise Agreement

Pub Franchise Agreement is an agreement for people who have pub management experience but are looking to find a simple way to run a business without having a large entry cost.

You pay 

  • £5,000

We give

  • Greene King sets up the pub and takes liability for the property and pays all running costs including stock
  • We supply marketing, training and ongoing support
  • You just need to pay staff wages, liability insurances and council tax for the living accommodation

You get

  • You'll be paid an operator fee of £20,000 so you will have a guaranteed income
  • You will be paid a weekly turnover share
  • You can earn bonuses on business performance and standard audits
  • Most of our pubs have their own accommodation too!

Who's right for Pub Franchise Agreement?

Pub Franchise Agreement sounds like a great deal, but we need to make sure you are the right person to take on this agreement. Here's what we expect from you in return:

  • High standards
  • Good administration skills
  • Great at running a team
  • Brilliant with people and customers
  • A drive to succeed

How you can earn

This agreement is a legal commitment for 5 years and you have to trade as a Limited company. You will earn money from:

  • A £20,000 guaranteed operator fee every year
  • You will be paid a percentage of weekly sales known as the turnover share
  • A percentage of the profit from the business, which is paid quarterly
  • £5,000 annual bonus for meeting compliance and standards audits, which is paid quarterly

What you will need to spend

We take care of most of the running costs of the business, but you will need to pay some of the expenses yourself:

  • £5,000 to enter the business, which will cover all of your training and legal fees
  • Any staff wages, including employee national insurance and any other statutory deductions
  • Liability insurances to protect the business and the public
  • Council tax for the accommodation

You will also be required to pay for independent financial and legal advice before you take on the agreement.

Greene King provides everything you need

The idea behind our Pub Franchise Agreement is that operators are able to operate a ready-made business. It's aimed at people just starting to run things for themselves as we'll look after the details to let you concentrate on growing sales.

Taking care of costs

  • You'll have a pub that's ready to trade, this includes all the fixtures and fittings and furniture - just walk in and start serving customers
  • Greene King pays the business rates and utility bills. Services, property insurance and licensing are all covered too
  • We take care of all the repairs to the building
  • We supply all the food and drinks to sell. These are available to order online from us
  • The pub will serve an agreed food menu, where all dish ingredients, crockery, menus and promotions are provided
  • We will install an EPOS smart till system to provide management information and help you manage the business more effectively

Extra support for you

  • You'll receive 4 days on-site training in your pub so that you are off to a flying start. What's more, we'll ensure that you have periodic training throughout your agreement
  • A dedicated Business Development Manager will help you develop and grow the business and drive sales
  • We install iDraught beer management system to monitor the quality of beer so you serve the best pint in town
  • We'll also undertake 6 weekly stock takes to help you control wastage
  • All marketing materials, including a website, menus and customer promotions will be supplied and you'll have access to marketing tools from key partners

Like the sound of this? Speak to us on Live Chat or drop us a call today as we’d love to talk to you.