Investment In Your Development

We want to ensure you have the right skills to be successful in running your business and we’ll agree what support will help you achieve your personal business goals.

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Online Learning


£250 plus VAT for an annual licence for all modules for unlimited members within your pub business.
£110 for all 12 modules plus VAT

Pub Skills and Management Training modules

Over 70 training modules for managers and team members, covering, compliance, Health & Safety, Kitchen food safety, Serving standards, Wellness and much more.


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FREE for Greene King Partners

This workshop will give you the foundations to begin to have a social presence that works for your business. We will provide you with the tools and skills to start making social media part of your digital marketing strategy.

What’s Covered

  • Social media overview
  • Establish which platforms you are using and what your USP is.
  • Detail on popular platforms so you know which are most effective to use.
  • ‘Google & My business’ and explain its importance.
  • Show you where the detail of your on-line audience is.
  • Tools available
  • Photography & Video best practices
  • Reviews
  • Overview on
  • Allow you time to create 90 day planner
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£450 per person | 2 day course

Cost includes an evening meal

For everyone who has supervisory, management or leadership responsibilities – either directly or indirectly. You do not need to have a large team – or even a small one: if you need to enable the people around you to perform by doing and saying the right things at the right moment, then this course is for you.

A two-day programme designed to develop the skills needed to get the best out of everyone you have responsibility for. We’ll examine when people need to be managed and when they need to be led – and what that means for you in terms of different approaches. To grow performance and capability, people need both support and challenge. You’ll be shown a variety of approaches which each drive a different result – allowing you to choose exactly what an individual needs from you to perform brilliantly in every situation.


  • The differences between Management and Leadership – why management screams and leadership whispers!
  • Capabilities of a Leader – leaders are made not born, so let’s make sure we grow more in the business!
  • 10 Things Great Managers Do – once you know what they are, you can start to hold on to your top talent
  • The History of Leadership – some fantastic theories about buffalo, geese and the demise of the Great Man!
  • Situational Leadership – setting the bar high enough to ensure great performance every time. Giving advice when appropriate
  • Cheerleading when they are competent and don’t need any more advice and then delegating with a smile on your face (lets banish that control freak!)
  • Coaching for Performance – a magic model that enables you to be brilliant: all you have to do is ask a few questions!
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In-Pub Support


Free for large investments

As part of the investment support from Greene King, we offer vital back-of-house and front-of-house training support to ensure that you and your team have all the skills to be successful from re-launch.

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In-Pub Support


Fully funded for Greene King Partners

If you want to develop yourself personally, or change the focus of your business, our fully trained coaches can act as a business mentor to help guide you and support your journey.

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Sarah Milward - Greene King Training NITAs 2019

"We have a large suite of training support available, specifically designed to meet the needs of you and your team.  We offer a range of options from developmental workshops, flexible e-learning to delivering bespoke support in your pub.  Whatever your background, or previous experience, we’re here to help you and your business."

Sarah Milward, Head of Partner Development

Training guide

Take a look at our guide to flexible learning and development for you and your team.

Supporting You

When you become part of the Greene King family, you become part of a support network that’s designed to help you every step of the way.

Why Training Support

Hear from licensees who’ve taken advantage of the training support we offer and how it’s added value to their business.