As a pub-owning business operating over 500 tied pubs in England and Wales, we’re regulated by legislation, known as the Pubs Code etc. Regulations 2016 (the Pubs Code). This legislation covers our pubs in England and Wales, and regulates the relationship between pub-owning businesses and their tied licensees, and sets out specific rights that you can expect when working with a regulated business, alongside details of practices and procedures that both of us must follow. Working with a pub-owning business that is regulated gives you peace of mind that you are protected by a legal infrastructure that you can rely on.

For our pubs in Scotland, they are covered by a voluntary Code of Practice. This provides details of a minimum set of guidelines that pub-owning businesses must work within and is intended to help support the relationship between us and you. Our Scottish licensees benefit from the fact that we’re a regulated business in England and Wales as we operate with one set of ways of working across the UK, which means you can be assured that our relationship with you is our highest priority.

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