5 reasons to speak to Greene King today about running a pub

Thinking of running a pub? Want a business of your own? Then talk to Greene King today about the options. Starting discussions as early as possible offers lots of advantages and can speed up the process of finding a pub to let significantly.

Simply talking over possible ideas and thoughts with a pub company like Greene King can help crystallise and identify exactly what you want to do. You can get instant help and advice from people who really know the business, as well as support in finding a pub and taking the next steps.

Discussing pub tenancies with Greene King does not mean you have to make a decision or commit yourself at this stage. Instead, you have the opportunity to explore options, take a look at different pubs and discover just what is involved in running a pub and working with Greene King. By talking to Greene King and starting the application process to run a pub you are not obligated in any way at all.  Discussions can last as long as you want. It’s only when agreements to take on a specific pub are actually signed that you become committed to the venture.

So just how can Greene King help you with your search for a new business? What are the advantages of discussing your thoughts and ideas at a very early stage?

From our experience supporting our pub tenants through the research, planning and applying stage, these are the reasons we recommend you start early:

1. Timescale

It takes time to set up a new business venture.  In fact, it generally takes between three to five months from finding a pub to let, to actually opening for business for the first time; so the earlier you start talking to Greene King the better. This gives you time to undertake all your research, find your dream pub, set up your business and to obtain the qualifications and licences needed to run a pub.

2. Training

There are mandatory courses that you have to complete before taking on a pub.You need to obtain a personal licence to operate a pub.

It is not necessary to have a specific pub in mind as the licence relates to you, not a premise. This licence takes time to acquire as police checks are necessary and an exam has to be passed in order to ensure you have the correct knowledge of the licensing laws.

In addition, you have to take the British Institute of Inn-Keeping Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT) which covers all the important elements of pub ownership such as leased and tenanted agreements, the practical basics of running a pub and business planning. Just like obtaining a personal licence, PEAT training is crucial. Until you have these qualifications, you cannot sign any agreements to lease a pub. 

Anyone considering running a pub should acquire these qualifications as soon as possible. They provide you with valuable information and skills, and shorten the timescale involved in setting up a business. Greene King can help you train for these qualifications as it has specific level 2 award programmes. Taking these courses with us does not commit you in any way, it means that should you find a suitable pub with Greene King or another pub company, you’ve got these essential qualifications and licences covered.

3. Finances

Discussing running a pub with Greene King as early as possible will be beneficial in terms of identifying what finances will be required to take on a pub tenancy or lease, and to get an understanding of the level of revenue you may be able to generate. You can take a look at potential margins and profits, and the income you can expect each year. It will help you identify what level of financial commitment is required, the costs involved and how to fund your investment.

4. Pub Types

No two pubs are the same. Deciding to run a pub is not a simple matter of choosing a pub and finding the finance. You need to decide what type of pub you want. There are many different types ranging from wet led pubs, community pubs to gastro and destination pubs. Location will also be a significant factor. Discussing options with a Greene King Business Development Manager will enable you to identify the type and locations of pubs you want. Sometimes, those discussions can even speed up the pub hunting process as Business Development Managers will know about pubs that are about to come on the market.  Not all pubs are advertised, some get snapped up quickly so it is important not to miss out on any opportunity.

5. Business Plans

Whatever type of business you start, a business plan is essential. It sets out clearly your objectives for the business and how you will achieve them. It is not a task that can be done in just a few hours; you need time to create a considered, viable business plan. While your business plan will relate to a specific pub, it is useful to start addressing some of the key points in it now as this can help you spot the right opportunity and get a better idea of whether a pub is right for you or not.

Download our business plan template here.

Next steps…

Whatever stage of research or planning you’re at, you can apply to run a pub today. Fill in our online application form with as much detail as possible, and we’ll be in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss your plans.