Why choose to run a pub with Greene King

‘We don’t want to sell you a pub lease,’ say Bob and Dick, pub partners recruitment managers for Greene King. ‘We want to put round pegs into round holes. Our job is to guide you to the right pub for you, not just to fill pub vacancies.’

If you’re exploring your options for running a pub, or finding a great pub to fulfil your ambition for starting your own business, Greene King have a lot of experience matching would-be pub landlords with their perfect pub, and helping them make it a success.

Run Your Own Pub With Our Support

What makes us different from other breweries and pub companies? Below our recruitment team outline how we help people get started in the pub business, our on-going support and why Greene King is a great choice to partner with.

We match you to the right pub

When a pub vacancy comes up at Greene King, Bob and Dick usually know who is interested and who would be right for that pub. ‘Even if you don’t get the first pub you go for, we stay in touch and will help you find the right pub when another comes up,’ says Bob. ‘People nowadays are good at having the conversation about what they’re looking for and what they’re suited to, so we can steer them in the right direction.’

We’re not a pile-it-high, sell-it-cheap operation

Some pubs are about selling cheap drink and food in large quantities. They are relatively impersonal. Not Greene King. ‘Our pubs are about individuality and quality, not cheap food and drink. We value the personal touch,’ says Dick. ‘Think Waitrose not Lidl.’

We can bridge your skills gap

Greene King can offer prospective partners a full range of innovative training packages. Staff training is a big element in making sure that your first pub is a successful venture. For many people, running a pub may be a second career. The skills they had in their first career are invaluable – especially if they’ve been working with people. Beyond that, Greene King can fill in the gaps. ‘We facilitate,’ says Dick. ‘We help people adapt their skills to what they have in front of them, and help them realise their ideas. For example, a young chef who wants to be the next super-chef will need one kind of a pub. A couple taking a second career after early retirement - and who want to be part of a community - need something quite different.’

Once you’re there, we offer support

‘We have a programme called ‘The First 100 Days’, explains Bob. ‘It’s for those who want extra support when they first open their pub. A Greene King Business Development Manager will work closely alongside the new pub landlord to make sure that they’re not on their own.’ Of course, you don’t have to take advantage of The First 100 Days – ‘if you prefer, you’ll be left alone. It’s your business,’ says Dick.

And a trouble-shooting service

‘And we help with unexpected problems, like rates appeals. We know that publicans want to get on with what they’re good at - serving customers and creating a great atmosphere. Something unexpected, like a rates appeal, can soak up valuable time and energy and that’s when we’re there to help,’ says Dick.  ‘It’s your own business, and you don’t need to consult us any more than you want to. But if you’re facing a sudden drop in, say, lunch-time business or a tax problem, the support is there.’

We’ve got an experienced business support team you can consult if something goes wrong and you can’t handle it on your own. This includes financial advice, and we also have a range of solutions that you may not have thought of.

Easy access to essential information, discounts and buying

Our Pub Partners online business tool is a one-stop shop for booking orders or staff training, finding out business information, checking invoices and other tasks. It means you don’t have to create a management system from scratch – you’ve got it all ready and set up for you to walk in and take over. It’s where you also get access to the special rates, discounts and exclusive offers that we set up as a company, using our group buying power. Once again, you don’t have to get pub furniture or fittings via our website – but it’s there if you want it.

Our well-loved beers and ales…

Our beers and ales are some of the best known in the business. They range from the famous names like Greene King IPA and Old Speckled Hen to speciality beers such as Ruddles County or the characterful Abbott Ale, plus seasonal ales and ‘guest beers'.

A range of agreements…

We have standard tenancy and lease agreements, along with other speciality agreements, such as ‘Local Heroes’, which is linked to local food and drink, or ‘Meet and Eat’, which is a food franchise. And we’re flexible, too, so you can discuss what you want and we’ll listen.

If you start off on the right path…

Above all, we’re probably the only brewery that has a ‘Dick and Bob’. That’s an extra layer of expertise for you to draw on at the beginning of starting a new career. Both have run pubs, and worked in the brewing industry all their lives.

‘’Dick and I are very open,’ says Bob. ‘We’ll tell you the truth. And even if it’s not what you hoped to hear, it’ll save you making mistakes in the long run.’

You can contact us directly for more information about running a pub with Greene King.